21 November 2015

What's in my: Long Haul Carry On Bag

This time next week, I will be on American time, with sore feet and a very full belly somewhere in the deep depths of New York city. But before I get to happily endure that, I must sit through an 8 hour flight, which granted isn't the longest flight but when your excited to be somewhere time does seem to slow down! So I've packed an extra special carry on bag to get me through, here's how it goes!

Inflight Pampering

I have normal to dry skin which isn't great combination when you're heading on a long flight, the air on board just seems to dry it out even more. Not what I want when I'm keen to land in the beauty capital of the world fresh faced and beautiful! So I have packed a few in flight pampering essentials to keep my skin hydrated and happy. Including Kiehls - 'Creamy Eye Treatment' because when do your under eyes never need extra hydrating? And a deep facial moisturiser, I'm hoping to pick up a new pot in the airport as my favorite Clarins one has just run out, great timing!  

Apple iPad Mini

Both our outgoing and incoming flights have personal entertainment systems, I made sure of that when booking. But, I get bored easy! Hopefully when I have exausted the movie and boxset collection, my iPad will make for a clever alternative. I have access to a whole new range of 'ways to keep Melissa from being bored'. There's games, more movies, music, I could even write a couple of blog posts too! On the plane home from Thailand in February, I got all philosophical and meaningful whilst writing at 30,000 feet!

Makeup Necessities

Travelling to America is stressful even for the seasoned fliers. Purely because security is heightened and customs is long and tiresome. To try and make things as easy as possible, my in flight bag is just a small satchel which I can't fit an awful lot in. Meaning the extent to my flight makeup had to be gutted dramatically. I'm going to be taking my Nars - 'Creamy Concealer' because after a 4am wake-up call followed by an 8 hour flight, I would be stupid not to. My Soap & Glory - 'Supercat' Liner is also coming with me because I can't function without a cat eye flick. And finally my Two Faced - 'Better than Sex' mascara will make an appearance. The idea is to focus on brightening and opening up my eyes to make me look awake and fresh with as little product as possible. I'll let you know how well that goes...


Like I said, the flight has back of seat entertainment so headphones are greatly needed for all of the movies I am planning on watching. Plus, I can't listen to the entire Taylor Swift discography on my iPad without them. Well, I could but I don't reckon the rest of the plane will be as enthusiastic about that as me.

Sleep Mask

To try and catch up on some much-needed beauty sleep, blocking out the world - or the rest of the plane - is much easier where sleep masks are involved!


Obviously. Need I really say more?

And that is it. I don't think I've packed that light on a short haul flight before, let alone a long one! I may pick up a magazine before I board, but that is everything I'll be taking on the plane with me. I'm sure I'll regret it half way through when I'm hungry and lunch won't be served for a couple more hours or my feet are cold because I vetoed the thick fluffy socks. We'll see. Hope you're all well, speak soon.

Love always,

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  1. Always bring moisturizer as travelling kills your skin!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  2. not too bad this list... i guess mine might be bigger haha xx

    Lisa's World


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