18 November 2015

Guide to Online shopping + Haul

This time next week, I'll be in New York city. I'll be roaming around central park, being a stereotypical tourist, selfie stick in tow. But most importantly, I'll be shopping! But like all holidays, there always needs to be a pre-shop. I don't know whether it's just me, but even for the smallest of vacations, I need to feel like I'm the epitome of a high street fashionista. Which means new stuff, because the clothes I already own will not suffice. And New York next week has been no exception to this, even more so seeing as it's one of the fashion capitals of the world!

I think with this in mind, it's so easy to go overboard either buying things I a) don't need, or b) already own in every colour. So I tend to try and stick to a few rules, in order to keep my head screwed in the right place! So I thought I would run through a few of my online shopping tips to buying only what is necessary and share a couple of the items I've picked up with New York sight-seeing in mind.

Leave items in your cart

When logged into your account, add items to your bag and then leave it for a few days. Most retailers don't want to miss out on a sale so will email you a discount code to entice you into purchasing a few days after your basket is left untouched. New Look, Urban Outfitters and even Macy's are suckers to this marketing trick! It's also a great way to make sure that you really want and need the items you've picked out. I'll add a bunch of stuff to my cart and if I can't stop thinking about them and how they would improve my wardrobe I'll head back a couple days later to buy! If I forget about them, then clearly they weren't as necessary as I first thought.

Voucher Surfing

I do this a lot, I'm a university graduate after all and money is slim to none at the moment. Before proceeding to payment, I'll always have a quick Google for any active voucher codes that I may have missed on retailer sites, or that they aren't actively advertising. Voucher Codes and Hot UK Deals are the two I get the most luck from! If you're a student I'd recommend signing up to My Uni Days because they offer student discount codes for hundreds of online fashion retailers, sadly my account has expired but there is hope for the rest of you!

Try Multiple Channels

Retailer photo's online can be misleading, they'll tactically photograph an item to make it the most attractive, naturally! But an item could look completely different on your laptop compared to your friends desktop. If there is something you've had your eye on, search for it on your phone to see if it looks any different, you might notice a the lower hemline on your iPad which you didn't seen on your laptop which changes your opinion on the item!

Look at the catwalk

Most retailers now offer a video catwalk of an item to exhibit what it looks like in live scenario's, this is a great opportunity for you to see how it moves or reacts with movement. I tend to use this feature if I'm looking for something specific. For instance when I was looking for a graduation outfit, those photo's are going to be with me for the rest of my life so I really wanted to be positive I was purchasing the right outfit and the catwalk video's were key for this!

Know what you need

This is where I always go wrong, I will scroll through every page on the BooHoo website and add everything that catches my eye to my basket. Then when I go to pay and have a £300 cart total, I realise I've picked a bunch of items that I either already own or really don't need. For instance, why do I need those strappy stiletto's? They look beautiful but I only wear heel's on special occasions, none of which I have in the foreseeable future.

Now onto the fun bit, haul time. Here is what I've purchased sticking to my own tips and tricks...

I picked up the Frances Lock Croc Bag from the Kurt Geiger Outlet store in Gunwharf Quays, £39, bargain! I'd seen this bag online, but it had been sold out everywhere and I was desperate for something small and easy to carry but would hold a lot of stuff for when I got to NYC and this one is perfect! It has two sections, the front with a gold clasp and the back with just a simple popper. Great for an organisational freak like myself!

Annoyingly, just two weeks ago my Black Airbound ASOS Chelsea boots (the only pair of shoes I planned to take away with me) broke. So new ones were certainly on the list of must have pre-purchases. I picked up the ASOS Right About Now Pointed Chelsea Boots and have fallen in love! I adore pointed shoes, I feel like they smarten up any outfit and I'm not a hugely casual person so that's a huge pro for me. The heel isn't too high so they're super comfortable too, big must have for the amount of walking I'm planning on doing!

Granted, I probably didn't need a new scarf, I already have a two winter scarves and a bunch of fashion scarves but I'd seen this in store a few times and couldn't help but touch it to my cheek because it's honestly the softest thing ever. However, all of the scarves I do own are patterned and not easy to match to every outfit, this light grey one from H&M goes with everything and is super warm! See how I made it sound like it was necessary!

Jumpers. Jumpers. Jumpers. Probably the most important items in this haul. I don't own a lot of warm clothes generally. When I have to go into the cold I tend to do it as quickly as possible and not prolong the bitter, cold pain so thick jumpers aren't hugely necessary. However since pretty much everything I am planning to do in New York is outside, warm clothes and layers are a must. I've picked up a couple from various shops but my favourite is this BooHoo Striped Turtle Neck. I am a sucker for stripes and I've been on the search for a turtle neck because I know they'll keep me warm. This one was only £15!!!

Ok, so sorry for the super long post, if you read through the whole thing, kudo's to you! I know I can't stop talking about New York and I'm pretty sure it's not going to hold off anytime soon. I hope that's ok with you. Speak soon...

Love always,

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