3 October 2015

October Lush Haul

So it's happened again. If you're a regular reader, I really hope you're not getting sick of these but since I did my first ever Lush shop in October last year, I seem to have developed quite an addiction. It's not affecting my bank balance to dramatically just yet, but it was quite the struggle to hold off on the Christmas range that has just launched back in stores. I'm sure that will happen soon and purse will probably shed tears.

Anyway, I popped into the London store on Wednesday and picked up a few things that I've had my eye on for a while...

Dragon Egg

This smells incredible. Now I can imagine you screaming at me, "all lush products smell amazing", you're right, but this one is by far my favourite. You can definitely pick up hints of the lemon and jasmine. In fact, I've used this one already. First your bath fizzes white, similarly to the 'Butterball' but given the size difference there's a much more dramatic fizz. As it fizzes these small disks of all the different colours of the rainbow start to appear, which is weird because they look like paper but have the consistency of Coconut oil, they melt as they get warm. Then it fizzes more and this super bright, tropical orange colour emerges and turns your bath into a liquid that is similar to what I image it would be like to swim in Sunny D. Pretty cool, really. In fact, I reckon this would be perfect if you live with anyone under the age of 10, it would turn around bath time!

Brightside Bubble Bar

I love bubbles. I was the sort of kid that would sneak more bubble bath in when my mum wasn't looking. Now that I'm older, the bubbles are just for bath time aesthetic but the popping noise is weirdly relaxing. This one is supposed to - like the Dragon Egg - turn your bath into a sea of sunny D, which in hindsight probably isn't what I wanted but the smell was what won me over! It has Mandarin, Bergamot and Tangerine essential oils in it which are a treat for the skin but also what give it the super citrusy smell.

Frozen Bath Ballistic

I finally got it! If you read my last haul you'll know how gutted I was that I didn't manage to pick this up, but I finally nabbed one on Wednesday. I find the blue/purple toned bath bombs the most relaxing when you're talking colours. Just it's so hard to switch off when you're swimming in tropical or multicoloured water! Also, all of the reviews I've read mention how refreshed you feel after you get out the bath so I'm definitely saving this for a stormy day.

So White

I just couldn't resist. It's part of the Christmas range and I love Christmas, but I am also so in love with Disney. So you know, So White, Snow White. It had to be done. This ballistic which initially is white supposedly turns your bath a pastel pink enriched with rose petals. It is apple scented, which is perfect like Lush you've really outdone yourself this time!

I'm sure it won't be long before you see another Lush haul again, I have to try Cinders and Fizzbanger before they get retired for another year after Fireworks night and then I've only every tried Snow Fairy from the Christmas range so I must expand on that soon too.

Love always,

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