14 October 2015

Favourites for Fall: Nails

I am all about the segment and trilogy posts lately, my Back To School segment in September was so fun to write and I think I received more feedback about those 4 posts than I have any of my posts in the past 18 months that I've been blogging! My Breast Cancer Awareness themed posts this month have been good too, I'm most excited about the next three posts I have planned for that, they're so different from anything I've so this far! And then I'm introducing a 'Favourites for Fall' Segment too where I, shock horror, tell you my fall favourites. So lets jump staright in...

Rimmel London in Caramel Cupcake and Pearly Queen

I always mention Rimmel London in my nail posts because for the longest time in my life I would only use Rimmel Nail polishes because their super wide brush cut nail painting time in half. I love having painted nails but doing the painting is my least favourite thing to do!

These two shades aren't your average fall shades, they're not dark and they're not matte so really they're not the obvious choices for this time of year. Caramel Cupcake, despite what you see in the picture (my photography skills are far from good) is a dark, musky nude. In fact, I mentioned it in my 'Top 5 Nude Nails' post in September. It's a great choice for fall if, for some reason, you're not allowed to wear nail polish, school or work etc. It's nude but it's got warm grey tones in it which get you in the mood for autumn. Pearly Queen, on the other hand, is similar to 'Hemlock' by Illamasqua, it's a holographic nail shade. Turn your hand one way it's pink, turn your hand the other it's a turquoise green. It kind of makes me think of the tree's changing colour but in a much more wearable way.

Sulk by 17 and Watermelon by Barry M

Now these shades make me think of fireworks night! Watermelon is a beautiful dark, aqua blue shade whilst Sulk is basically all that but with a shimmer added into the mix. These colours remind me of cold nights wrapped in scarves and gloves, snuggled underneath sparkling skies. I haven't picked these shades up to use yet this season, but I know I'll have cracked them open by the time November 5th rolls around!

Rimmel London in Black Cherries and Barry M in Cappucino

These are probably the most tradition fall shades, Cappucino is similar to one of the new Daylight Curing shades by Barry M, just a touch murkier and darker. I've worn Black Cherries the most out of all of these shades so far this season. I have a thing about wearing burgundy shades at the moment, my jumpers, my socks are all burgundy and my nails haven't missed out on this! I love how dark it is, there's something about dark shades at this time of year that make me feel all warm, cosy and slightly festive inside. Does anyone else get that?

Anyway, that's it from me for today. Have you got any good recommendations for some good fall themed nail shades? I have a dew still to get through but I'm desperate for a rusty orange shade, I'd love your recommendations if you have any!

Love always,

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