4 October 2015

Celebrity Style Mixer: October #1

I was chatting to George on the train home from London the other week and he had a great or potentially tragic idea for a new segment on the blog. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to call it, or what day of the week it's going to go live, however, the idea is to once a week pick an item of clothing or accessory that I've seen on a celebrity in the past week. Then at the end of the month, create a trend/style from the things I've picked.

The whole thing has the potential to be quite fun and different, it's like that game I played as a kid where you'd draw a head then fold the paper and the person next to you would draw the torso and fold the paper and the person after would draw the legs. You'd end up with this crazy, cool monster thing. Although I'm going to be the one drawing every part of the body so the potential of it turning into a Frankenstein-esque creature is hopefully very slim. But who knows, celebrity culture could take a turn for the worst and fashion could go forcefully out the window. Who knows. It's quite exciting actually.

Anyway, to start the first series of I'm picking Alexa Chung...

It was London Fashion Week Last week, so honestly who better to go to than the Britains own queen of fashion herself. Over the week, Alexa wore some incredible outfits from knee-length leather skirts with a high thigh slit with pretty two-tone jumpers to a plethora of dresses.

My favourite though, was this patterned black and white skirt by Christopher Kane, paired with quite possibly the most beautiful off the shoulder, a flowy hippie blouse I have ever seen. The detailing around the arm cuffs and shape of the neckline is what takes this shirt from boring to high fashion.

This one for Rokoko is cute and for £18 you can't really go wrong. It's pretty casual from the front, but the crossover straps at the back make it much more interesting that a plain white top. It doesn't have the detailing I like in Alexa's version but it's definitely a great alternative!

The favourite one I've found though, is this ASOS original. It's £12 in the sale so stock is fairly low, but I love the double layer effect. It doesn't have the straps which I love from the Alexa's version, but the sleeves are longer meaning it's a little more versatile for fall and the colder weather. The closed cuff and material also make it a little more smart casual too meaning it's a great day to night piece to have in your wardrobe. It's interesting because I've never really liked these style tops before but I'm excited to see how it works at the end of the month in our finished celebrity inspired outfit!

I'd love to know what you think about this idea. It's not something I've seen before and I've been working so hard to push the boundaries on my blog a little and create new content away from the beauty reviews I'm used to. Look forward to hearing from you.

Love always,

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  1. She always gets it spot on! I wish I couldn't gone to London fashion week, sounded so fun! X

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