11 October 2015

Celebrity Style Mixer: October #2

Last week I talked about Alexa Chung and her undoubtedly, incredible fashion in general but more specifically at London Fashion Week. To which I picked my favourite item she wore that week for my very first style mixer segment. If you haven't already read it, I'd recommend popping over and giving it a read before continuing on, otherwise this probably won't make much sense. You can read it here.

This week, I wanted to discuss Nina Nesbitt. I'm going to see her perform on Friday so I'm sure that has some influence over it, but she's been particularly chatty on Twitter this week talking about her experience at the 'Women in the World' summit as part of the Dove Self-Esteem Project (you can read about it here). So that's the main reason, I promise! 

Nina has this style that makes you wish you were this cute, rock chick with backcombed hair and too much eyeliner. Or maybe that's just me. But then when you hear her sing it's so angelic, the contrast is stark and pretty cool! She's like that popular girl in school you want to be friends with, but she's just too cool for you! 

Anyway, there were some great outfits in NYC this week. On the red carpet, she wore the rock chick, girl next door outfits I love her for. Leather jacket, check. Black skinny jeans, check. Striped tee and bowler hat, check (If you read yesterday's post you'll know how much of a fan of those I am!)

The real steal, though, the reason I've decided to pick Nina for this week's style mixer was the outfit she wore for the Dove Self-Esteem panel. Nina was dressed in all black and looking like she could be in the new James Bond movie, she honestly took her style to a new level. It's difficult to make an entirely black outfit work without looking like you're 15 and still trying to figure yourself out! The low turtleneck top is a key fashion staple this autumn, paired with a classy boyfriend blazer styled coat make's it look super classy. The boots are beautiful I needn't really say much more about them, they just speak for themselves! 

My favourite, though, is the leather trousers! I have been shopping for the perfect pair of leather trousers for so long. The problem is they always seem to crease behind the knee in the most unflattering way. The ones Nina is wearing have a stitched pattern on the knee, which kind of look like knee pads. It's unusual to see but adds texture to the otherwise fairly smooth and plain outfit. I feel like those (and the beautiful boots) are what made that outfit! So they're what I'm picking for my style mixer piece this week. Tight leather leggings, paired with the flowy, boho top I talked about last week would emanate this cute, "I'm a cool rocker but like Sandy from 'Grease'" vibe. 

What do you think? You can't go wrong. And if it does, it's Halloween this month so we'll just add some fake blood and pretend we were channeling dead Sandy all along!

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