26 October 2015

Celebrity Style Mixer: #4

This is it, the final installment to my celebrity inspired look is here and it's all about the MTV EMA's! This post is actually going up a little later than usual because I waited until the very last minute to whip it together in order to see if anything from the red carpet took my fancy. There were a lot of bold moves, I wasn't too keen on Justin Bieber's all red ensemble, but Laura's Whitmore's mini dress was quite classy for such a short dress, and the shoes!!! But my favourite of the night was from none other than Ruby Rose, who stole the red carpet!

Ruby showed up in an edgy, angular blazer with little to no top underneath, paired with a pair of black cigarette trousers and open toe shoes. The plunge neckline shows a lot of skin but weighs in nicely with the heaviness of the all black outfit, being sexy without flaunting too much. I'm not too sure what I think about the cane which also accompanied her on the red carpet, I'll sleep on that for a little while longer.

But, back the main reason we're here. All our October outfit needs is a pair of shoes and I think some similar to Ruby's will be perfect. They're black so fit in nicely with the monochrome theme we're channeling. They're quite built in but the peep toe add's a bit of sexiness to them, they also have an open heel too which is something I loved in the summer but never had the confidence to try myself. They're a great, in between seasons shoe.

I found the following two as some great high street dupes...

ASOS - East Town Peep Toe Boots - £45

These are definitely a little more on the, 'going out' side with the stiletto heel and lace up back but aren't they beautiful. The lace up back is quite flirty, whilst the shoe style of shoe itself is quite conservative, a style I really love. It's a new, fun take on something quite classic to your wardrobe!

Public Desire - Priscila Heeled Boots - £19.99

Down from £29 these boots are more affordable and much more wearable during the daytime. The heel is much thicker for a clunkier boot which never goes a miss if you're as terrible at walking in heels as I am! I like the zip detail which add's a bit of glamour to the outfit and sort of makes up for the lack of jewellery accessorising.

So, finally, the October celebrity-inspired outfit is as follows:

Week 1 - ASOS Off the Shoulder Top, inspired by Alexa Chung

Week 2 - New Look Coated Jeans, inspired by Nina Nesbitt

Week 3 - Zara Masculine Coar, inspired by Jennifer Lawrence

Week 4 - ASOS East Town Peep Toe Boot, inspired by Ruby Rose

Honestly, I would wear this outfit! It's cute but edgy and so my style. The boots are a little more daring that what I'd usually go for, but it's definitely something I'd like to give a go and challenge myself with. What do you think?

Next Sunday see's the beginning of a new Month so a whole new start to a celebrity-inspired outfit! It's going to be my birthday month so maybe we'll end up with something a little more fancy and ready to party. Who knows. I'd love to know what you thought about this month's Style Mixer posts in the meantime, it was the start of something new and it turned out better than expected!

Love always,

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  1. I agree she looks amazing and I love, love those boots!

  2. great post dear! Have a nice day:)



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