18 October 2015

Celebrity Style Mixer: #3

The penultimate episode to my first ever month of my Celebrity style mixer is here. And I honestly struggled so much with this one, I have the majority of an outfit it's just the shoes and accessories to tick off. Which you'd think would be the easiest part, but so far I'm creating a Sandy from Grease -esque ensemble with leather jeans and a flowy, off the shoulder boho top. What we add next could make or break the outfit. And what's worse is the world of celebrities have been mysterious low-key this week, the only pictures which surfaced the wide web were red carpets and gala events. Not ideal when you're trying to tie together a fairly casual outfit!

So in the end I decided to leave shoes until next week and go for an item that, I personally have used a lot this week now that the weather is much, much cooler. A jacket. And the favourite one I've seen this week is by Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer is such a role model when it comes to fashion, the fact that she's a celebrity doesn't phase her  when making fashion choices. She's happy to pop to the super market in sweats, just like every non-celebrity person. She's probably the most down to earth, real celebrity that I've never met! I appreciate that about her. However when she makes an effort, something that I have little time to do, she does it properly. In particular though, this outfit from Monday is great. The black top and trousers is brought to live by the huge pop of colour by her jacket. The trench styles coat is really on trend this season and it's really easy to get a hold of...

This coat so similar to Jennifers, it's just missing the buttons down the sides (this uses poppers instead). It's wool meaning it's going to keep you lovely and cosy but looking great too. The length is a little long for me, it would swamp me and make me look shorter than I am. But if you're on the taller side this would be great! I love the colour, it's a pinky tan which is a great all year round colour for a coat. I also think it would liven up our October style mixer outfit and take the edge off of the leather trousers!

Zara - Masculine Coat - £59.99

If, like me, you're more of a timeless, monochrome wardrobe sort of person, this jacket would be better. It's shorter than the Boohoo one meaning it's a good all-rounder for every body shape and height but you still have the lapel collar like on Jennifers version. And grey goes with everything, so win, win!

What do you think, there's just one more week of my Octover Celebrity style mixer and shoes are the last thing to cross off! What do you reckon will go best? I'm thinking a pointed, patent boot like Nina's ones from last weeks post. 

Love always,

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I'm digging the pinkish coat but I agree with you- I think it would swallow me whole! The gray one seems like a better length and like a classic staple it'd be handy to have. I'm excited to see next week's piece!

    Hustle & Whoa

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