9 October 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Having just said hello to autumn and the tree's outside beginning to bronze, it's now October and Breast Cancer Awareness month. I don't know whether you know, but I work in a department store on the Lingerie department and do occasionally get to meet people who have been impacted by Breast Cancer. So every week of October I'm going to have a Breast Special and try to share my knowledge about Breast Cancer and the importance of breast maintenance.

Breast Size/Shape

Everybody has one breast that is larger than the other, that is very natural and the size of your breasts tend to change during throughout the month, particularly during your menstrual cycle. It's important to monitor your breasts so you know how your body changes throughout the month so it is easy to recognise when something is unusual.

Nipple Size/Shape
Similarly to the breast tissue, your nipples will change also. Noticing abnormal change such as puckering of the skin around the areola, an inverted nipple and irregular shape is something that should be monitored.

Often (but not always) people will develop a rash around the nipple and on the breast tissue. Whilst this isn't a sure sign of breast cancer, you should notify your Doctor if you notice it occurring. 

Nipple Discharge
As unpleasant as it sounds, discharge from the nipple isn't as easy to spot. Keep an eye on you clothes are bra's as you're taking them off or popping them in the washing basket. 

Unusual Lumps

Again, right before your menstrual cycle breasts can feel different and often lumpy but being aware of the way your breasts feel at throughout the month is key to being able to distinguish breast cancer from a natural occurrence. For many women, an unusual lump is the first key sign of breast cancer, this is why it is important to learn how your breasts change so you can differentiate between what's natural and what is a cause for concern.

Swelling or Lump in the Armpit
Similarly to lumps in the breast tissue, breast cancer can produce signs as high as in your armpits so checking this here is just as important as checking the breast itself!

Ideally, you should be doing monthly breast examinations, there are tonnes of video's YouTube but you can also learn the most effective way of doing that here. If you do notice any of the symptoms make sure to make an appointment to visit your GP. These symptoms don't always lead straight to breast cancer, but it's always best to get it checked out early. 

And remember, both men and women can be affected by breast cancer so be sure to make your grandad's, dad's, brothers and boyfriends aware and know how they can identify it too. If you would like to read more about this you can visit Cancer Research website here where it goes into a bit more detail. If you want to donate money, even the smalled amount, to aid research in Cancer treatments you could do that here.

Next week I'm going to talk about the correctly fitting bra...

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