30 September 2015

Surprising TK Maxx Beauty Haul

Tk Maxx is probably my all time favourite store, everything is such good value for money and it's all brands that you otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. Which is great, if like me, you're gearing up ready to pay back your student loan but are a shopping addict.

Over the summer I found some absolute cracking bargains, including a pair of Kurt Geiger heels for £40 down from £120. So I thought I would share with you my most recent bargain purchases from TK Maxx...

Emma Hardie - Amazing Face Body Cleanser

Perusing the beauty aisle in TK Maxx is my favourite, so when I whipped around a corner and spotted this is was straight in my basket. I've only tried Emma Hardie products once before and with a fairly large price tag for skincare, there's really no surprise. But it'd never tried her body washes before. The smell is, beautiful, very typical of her products. I haven't yet used it as I was waiting to take these photo's but a review will be on it's way once I've had a good try. I picked this up for £9.99 (RRP £26)

Illamasqua - Nail Varnish

Illamasqua, like the Emma Hardie range can make quite a dent in your bank balance. I picked up two shades of nail polish in 'Raindrops' and 'Hemlock' for £3.99, which is an absolute steal considering the registered retail price is £14.50. 'Raindrops' is a pale, mutes blue with teeny, tiny white glitter and 'Hemlock' is a holographic pink shade. I've only tried 'Hemlock' so far, but I was so impressed with the durability. I didn't have time for a top coat and lasted 4-5 days before it chipped.

Yes to Grapefruit - Facial Wipes

I have been meaning to try these for so long but I just can't seem to face spending £3.99 on 25 face wipes when I could spend £1 on 50. These were on offer for £2.99, which understandably wasn't a huge difference, but at the time it clearly made the world of difference. Good jon there Melissa. Regardless though, I'm pretty chuffed I tried these. I struggle to find face wipes that can tackle my liquid liner and waterproof mascara but these did a pretty good job with very little efford on my side which meant I could spend longer on the following stages of my skincare routine!

Do you shop in TK Maxx? I know it sounds ridiculous but some of the bargains you cangrab in there are incredible. My local one is selling Michael Kors bags at the moment.

Love always,

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  1. I love tk maxx for random beauty bits! They have had some amazing things in there and you can pick up a bargain if you're lucky. I've picked up some amazing stuff! xxx

    Karan| studentbeautyhack

  2. I'm not a huge fan of TKMaxx but I feel like I need to go if you managed to find those beautiful illamasqua polishes for such a bargain. Raindrops is stunning x

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge


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