16 September 2015

Style Icon: Emma Stone

I've spent a lot of time researching who I should do my style icon post on this month. I really wanted someone who was really great at making casual wear look high fashion. With the fact most people are either back at school or working and the weather getting much colder, the idea of styling yourself and making an effort is so much harder than it is in the summer. Especially when it's colder and you want to be warm. So for this month, I picked Emma Stone. Honestly, I was browsing some of her candids on Google images and just knew she was perfect. She is great at dressing up casual jeans with staples such as jumpers with peter pan collars, oxfords or an oversized jacket and scarf. She's definitely going to be one to watch over the coming months, and will most certainly be influencing my style this Autumn.

1. Premium Wool Longline Coat - $188

Longline coats are so on trend at the moment, they're flattering on all body types and turn any outfit from slouchy to street casual. They're a great asset to any wardrobe to take an outfit from day to night too. I bought a beautiful cream longline jacket in the Zara sale and I receive so many compliments every time I wear it.

2. Dr Denim Mom Jeans - £29

I've never been much of a fan of the boyfriend/baggy jean trend. However, Emma Stone wears them a lot and always makes them look so flattering. Maybe I haven't much liked them because I have a very straight up and down frame and they wouldn't do much for my figure but with this outfit they look so great. Perfect for autumn.

3. Daisy Street Loafers - £19.99

I love these. Unlike boyfriend jeans, I have always been a huge fan of loafers and moccasins. Nude shoes are great because they brighten up dark outfits and transform an outfit which would otherwise look a little bland.

4. Dip Hem Roll Neck Jumper - £11

Roll neck jumpers are so cosy and warm, I'm so glad they've come back into fashion. Grey is a great go-to colour because it's easy to style but not as dark as black. I love the speckled grey trend and you can find it in pretty much anything, but this jumper is such a bargain.

Honestly, I can't believe I hadn't stumbled upon Emma's style sooner. She's so great at making casual, everyday clothing items look 100% on trend, something I struggle with daily. What do you think?

Love always,

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  1. Gorgeous pieces! I love the loafers! :-)
    Abiee xx

  2. Celebrities always have a way of making casual outfits look amazing. Emma Stone is no exception. Maybe its the oversized sunglasses ;) x

  3. Yes! Emma Stone is my favorite! Her style is so classy, and amazing, but it doesn't ever look over the top. I love her.


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