19 September 2015

Multi Functional Makeup: Urban Decay

I've mentioned a few times in the past when I've been travelling, how much I love palettes that can be used for more than one thing. It's a great way to travel light but it's an even better way to maintaining a healthy makeup addiction, if that's possible! So I thought I'd share with you a bunch of great palettes that could be used for more than their original purpose...

Naked Flushed

I talked about this palette back in my February Favourites whilst I was in Thailand (you can see the post here). The palette consists of a bronzer, blush and highlighter, which is multifunctional in its own right. But that's the way it was designed, so nothing special. I use the highlight all the time as an eye shadow; it's a pretty, sparkly pink which looks great as an all over base, on the inner corner or even as a highlight to the brow bone. I also occasionally use the bronzer to as a crease shade but it could also be used to fill in your eyebrows, understandably this won't work on everyone but it's a great tip to try if you have warmer tones in your hair!

Naked Basics

This palette is the ultimate everyday travel palette. It's designed for eyeshadow but I use the shade 'Frisk' and 'Cover' for my eyebrows every day! 'Undone' is a great shade for a dark smokey eyeliner and 'Skimp' for any sort of highlighting you need to do all over the face. This palette is not as 'one look' versatile as the Flushed palette but it still does more than what you pay for which is 'a-ok' in my books!

Naked 3

This is probably my least favourite Naked palette out of the 4 available, don't get me wrong the shades are beautiful and pigmentation is so strong just like the other palettes but the colours just aren't really me. I am in love with the rose gold trend, but I look better in warmer, earthy tones so the palettes not great for me. However, it's probably the one I use the most. I've used 'Strange' as a highlight before and I even used 'Dust' as a super subtle, transitional blush and highlight once, when I was really in a rush to get out of the door. 'Nooner' is a great eyeshadow shades for dark headed brunettes, and 'Factory' 'Darkside' and 'Blackheart' are all great eyeliner shades! You could probably even use 'Burnout as an autumn blush if you're really careful and don't mind the small pans. Granted, though, this isn't the most travel-friendly palette but if you like to get more for your money then you should give this a go.

Maybe I do this because I'm lazy but who wants to spend and extra 5 minutes in the morning sifting through the make-up drawer when you could grab one palette and be done. An extra 5 minutes in bed, yes please. Have you ever done this before? If so let me know what palettes you've used and what for, I'm definitely a palette hoarder, especially when it comes to eyeshadow so if I can convince myself that I'm getting more for my money then I'm totally going to jump on that train!

Love always,

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