23 September 2015

Barry M Sunset Polish: Autumn Shades

Back in May I wrote a post about Barry M's new nail polish release, their cheaper, less time-consuming dupe for Gel nails (you can read it here). The 'Like a Nude' shade was my summer staple for the entire of summer, it's not often I love something for that long. The only downfall to the range was that there were only 5 colours, most of which were a little lacklustre and just not that great for Summer. But just last week, Barry M tweeted about 4 new shades joining the Sunset range for Autumn. And I love all of them.

They're very fall tones, red-y browns and plummy purples. These are my sort of shades and were pretty much my go to shades up until 'Like a nude' came out. It's as if the range was designed specifically for me. Thanks, Barry M. haha.

'Vengence is Wine' is a deep purple with much more red and brown tones to it. This colour is autumn in a nutshell for me.

'Dark side of the shroom' is the lightest of shades which I picked up, it's a nutty, dirty pink. If you're not normally a person for pink, I definitely think you should try this out. It has lilac tones in it making it borderline purple but it's really pink.

'Plum on Baby', I have this shade on now. I think it may be my favourite but I'm yet to try the others so who knows. It's the richest purple of the set, still very dark but so, so beautiful.

'Do you pink I'm sexy'. I didn't pick up this shade, I'm not much of a pink person and don't reckon I'll get much wear out of this shade, especially when the 3 other new shades are right up my street! But I love this range so much I reckon I'll pick it up eventually, spring maybe?

Have you seen the new Sunset shades yet? If not I recommend heading down to your local boots pronto, you can't get more autumnal shades that this. Unless maybe a rusty orange but I probably wouldn't wear that on my nails anyway. Kudo's, Barry M. Kudo's.

Love always,

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  1. Wow! These shades are amazing ! I am in love and I can not wait to go and get these. Autumn colours are so pretty so I am very exited for this. Thanks for sharing:)

    Holly X || hollyberrey.blogspot.com

  2. These are lovely shades, my favourite has to be Dark side of the shroom! I'll have to get over to my local boots and check these nail polishes out soon! x


  3. I never tried Barry M polishes but the colors look gorgeous!



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