12 September 2015

Back To School: Top 5 Nude Nails

I remember being in high school and sifting through my Mums nail polish collection to find a natural colour that wouldn't get me detention. It was quite the weekly struggle. So to end my 'Back to School' fortnight, I thought I'd share with you my favourite natural nails that shouldn't get you in trouble when you're back in the classroom.

Ciate - Amazing Gracie

Ciate, are probably runners up for my favourite nail polish brand. The packaging is cute and minimalistic, the brush is great if you want to do your nails in a hurry and the array of colors to choose from is pretty spectacular. Amazing Gracie probably being my favourite light nude! It's a very light shade with a subtle hint of baby pink and sparkle. Because it's so light, I'd say it's a more daring option or for schools which are a little bit more relaxed where nail varnish is concerned.

Rimmel London - Caramel Cupcake

Definitely the darkest of the shades that I've picked. Caramel Cupcake would look great if you have darker, naturally tanned skin. It's a muted, dark nude pink which will be great going into the autumnal months and through Christmas.

Formula X - Strengthening Top Coat

If you go to a school that's pretty strict then a clear nail varnish is probably the safest option. But being safe never has to be boring, try picking a clear varnish that can benefit your nails whilst you have it on. If you have brittle or weak nails try a strengthening one, for dry nails try something a little more hydrating. What's more is clear varnishes always make your nails look super shiny, who doesn't want shiny nails!

Barry M Daylight Curing - Like A Nude

You know I love this one, I've written a review about it and posted swatch photo's on Instagram so many times. The Sunset Nail Curing range is incredible, lasts a solid 7 days without chipping which is perfect for school, you don't want chipped polish giving you away! This colour is great too, it's a fairly light nude but not so white that it's obviously nail colour, does that make sense?

Ciate - Ivory Queen

I said Ciate are one of my favourite brands, hence why I've popped them in here twice! Ivory Queen, ironically, is a darker shade to Amazing Gracie. It is much pinkier and probably the most natural shade on this list.

Over the summer, nude nails were my favourite, they're easy to style and look beautiful. Honestly I'm a little jealous that you're heading back to school and have an excuse for a pretty nude nail. I've got nothing stopping me going into the deep purples and black now that the weather is much colder.

Love always,

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