2 September 2015

Back To School: Make-up Bag Essentials

I wish when I was 13, on my first day of school after the summer holidays, there was someone to tell me the things I would need in my school bag. And to tell me that the pink lip gloss with actual glitter in it wasn't a good look. Granted it was 2008 and that stuff wasn't long out of fashion but it just didn't look great!

So here's my guide to going back to school prepared...

Bobby Pins

No matter how perfect your hair is when you leave in the morning, it doesn't look like that come lunch time. But nothing can't be fixed with a good supply of bobby pins. TIP: tie them together with a spare hair band to keep them in one place!

Sure - Invisible Deodorant

I remember really vividly being 8, in the playground at lunchtime and giving a friend a hug to which she pulled away and said "eww, don't you use deodorant?" We were in the midst of summer and at the time I had no idea what that was, that it existed or what it was used for. I was 8! I'm sure the girl was just being mean because, kids are mean sometimes but it left a scar and deodorant became a holy grail item in my school bag from then on. I really like the Sure Invisible deodorant because, as the name states, it's invisible. White patches be gone.

Naked Basics Palette

I talk about this palette so much, in fact, theres a post coming in a couple weeks about it but we'll get on to that at a later date. This palette is perfect for midday touch ups; it's a natural makeup palette which is capable of doing a little bit of everything. If, like the school I went to, you're not allowed to wear makeup this palette is perfect for that 'I woke up like this' look, so long as you don't go overboard with the smokey eye!

Nail File

Nails break all the time and it's never when you're in a salon or at home with the nail clippers and fresh polish at the ready. Carrying a nail file around with me, is something I always forget but there is hope for you! Be nail file ready for whenever a catastrophe may prevent itself.

Rimmel - Stay Matte Powder

School is a long day, don't let anyone tell you it's not. There are people who complain about having to work fewer hours than you are at school for. You need to be prepared, and I would recommend this powder ten fold. The translucent one is great so there's no chance of turning your face an unnatural colour and tipping your teachers off to your makeup wearing rebellion. Plus it sets your foundation to stay!

Maybelline - Eye Erase Concealer 

Chances are, as much as you tell yourself that you're going to do your homework when you get it or you're going to have an early bedtime, you won't. If you do, honestly I commend you but more often than not life happens and before you know it, it's 11:30 pm and that English Lit essay due the following morning still hasn't been done. For those times, this concealer is a must have makeup bag necessity! As the name suggests, it erases those awful under eye circles and makes it look like you've had enough sleep for a thousand years.

So there you have it, the absolute essential makeup bag items that you can't start your school year without! Let me know if there are any products I've missed off that you think would be imperative to your school or college day. I was debating a nude lip, I even pictured one above but changed my mind typing this up.

Love always,

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  1. Great post! These are the perfect essentials for back to school!


  2. stay matte powder is quite honestly one of my most repurchased items. I think i'll always have one of them in my collection now matter how many expensive powders I have! xxx

    Karan|| studentbeautyhack


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