15 August 2015

Massive Kiko Cosmetics Haul

I'm a sucker for a neutral eyeshadow palette, that's something you should know about me. I wrote about my all time favourite neutrals palette by Stila when I picked it up in February here.

I went shopping a couple weeks ago and noticed that Kiko were having a sale. I already owned one of their eyeshadows which I picked up as a little treat when I was in Milan last year and honestly I didn't put it down for a good 3 or 4 months. Since then I'd been meaning to pick up some more shades but ever gotten round to it.

All of their Clic System Infinity Eyeshadows are currently 50% and they also have this deal that if (on top of the 50% discount) you buy 6 of Infinity Eyeshadow shades they'll give you a 24 slot eyeshadow container for free. And at £2.80 per eyeshadow you can't go wrong. I picked up 9 shades in total, which only cost me £19 overall. Bargain.

The formula is so buttery and super blendable, albeit a little chalky on the white/super light shades but it's really great if you want to start your own palette but don't have the funds for MAC or Inglot etc. It's definitely a more affordable alternative to MAC's Pro Palette which costs £10 per eyeshadow and an extra £12 for the palette to accommodate them!

Like I mentioned earlier, I love neutral eyeshadows so, to no ones surprise, I picked up a handful of richly pigmented neutrals. 'Satin Candy' is quite sheer pearly pink and really buildable if you need opaque coverage, but it can be a little chalky. The rest of the shades are honestly so beautiful, 'Metallic Light Copper' an orange-y gold being my favourite closely followed by 'Pearly Mahogany' a deep red tinged brown and 'Sparkling Brown' a dark mat brown with super subtle gold sparkles.

I can't wait to get back to my nearest Kiko soon and pick up some more shades, I still have 14 slots to fill, to which I have my eyes on 'Pearly Light Gold' and 'Mat Dark Taupe' next I think. According to the staff in the shop, which were so helpful, the 50% discount isn't going to be ending anytime soon, so a payday splurge might be on the cards!

Love always,

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  1. Those shades are amazing! I don't own anything from Kiko so I should probably check it out!


  2. I have heard rumours Kiko eyeshadows are just as good as mac shadows! I wish I had a store near me to test the theory. I think I'll probably do an online order when I'm feeling spendy. You got some gorgeous colours! xxxx


  3. I have heard so much about Kiko products but don't have any in my makeup collection. The shades look so beautiful I think I will have to do some online shopping! Thank for the post- gorgeous photos xx


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