29 August 2015

I didn't do a favourites last month because I hadn't had the money to try anything new or the time to indulge myself in a new book or shopping spree. This month, however, has fortunately been much different. I kicked it off with a brand new hairstyle, splashed out on a new coat for fall and then spent rather a lot of money on make-up I probably don't need. So here it is, my favourites from August.

1. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

Since I posted my "I love it, but it's not for me" review in the early days of August, Sheer Glow has really won me over. Yes, it's still a little dry on my forehead and occasionally around the nose on not so good skin days, but it's got really great coverage and the staying power is amazing! It's hands down the best foundation I've ever used.

2. Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo - Metallic Pomegranate

These mousse eyeshadows have been the base for my eyeshadow for pretty much most of this year, I even used 'On and On Bronze' in my Golden Goddess makeup look last week. However, Metallic pomegranate has been my staple this month. It's a pink-toned burgundy colour which is perfect now that the weather is getting colder, in England anyway.

3. Barry M Dazzle Dusts - Tan (39) and Bronze (44)

Up until recently I was guilty of avoiding Barry M counters altogether unless it was to pick up a new nail polish, you know I love their Daylight Curing range. I'm definitely a glitter person, especially when it comes to my eye makeup. When I noticed that my first love, the dazzle dusts', were still a thing I had to make a cheeky purchase. I picked up 'Bronze' first, a beautiful gold colour and have since been back to pick up 'Tan' a subtle, pale pink. Venus and Aphrodite are on my hit list next.

4. Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I have a lot of Real Techniques brushes but this one from the core collection is my all time favourite. I use it to apply my foundation, I love the smooth, flawless way it blends. I'm not one for being able to tell I'm wearing anything on my face apart from my eyes so the way this adequately named brush buffs the product in is perfect.

5. Hair Clips

I'm a hair slide sort of person, I pretty much always have at least two, if not 2 billion in my hair on a day to day basis. However, I've been loving the french braid style lately to tie away loose ends and hair slides just aren't strong enough. I picked up some hair clips for the first time since primary school and I'd honestly forgotten how great they are!

6. Ditching the cat eye

For the first time in what feels like forever, I left the house without my staple cat eye flicks and to my astonishment I actually quite liked the way it looked. It was an "I don't have time to do my make-up, splash on some concealer and mascara and go" type of day. And I got so many compliments about how fresh faced I looked. I may make this a more permanent thing, I'm not promising anything, though, I do love they cat eye!

Love always,

26 August 2015

At the moment, I am doing my absolute best to save every penny I have to my name. I'm jetting off to New York in November for my birthday, and like most people that visit NYC, shopping is pretty much my number one priority. Which means I need to save like I've never saved before. Subsequently, this is a difficult task to say the least. Especially when pay day is looming and the thought of large sums of money being deposited in my account.

So I thought I'd share with you a wishlist of things I'm wishing for come payday but will most likely have to skip this month so I can afford maximum shopping in New York. It's my 'I can dream, payday wishlist!' Ha. 

Two Faced Hangover Primer

Since picking up the Two Faced 'Better than Sex' mascara in June, I am so smitten and really wan to try more products from the brand. I have been on the search for a primer for a little while, my skin is a little dry and tends to eat up my foundation and concealer like I never hydrate ever and I've heard such magical things about this one. 

Becca - Shimmer Highlighter (Opal)

This highlighter has been talked about in the beauty blogging community for the longest time. I thought Becca was a brand only available in the States but I recently discovered it on FeelUnique. At £38 it's pretty pricey but it's pay day and i've honestly wanted it for months, why not treat myself, eh! New York vs. this beautiful highlighter, what's £38 anyway!

MAC Cremesheen - Dark Side

I've mentioned this so many times on my blog before, if you're a regular reader you'll already know it's hands down my favourite lip shade. And by some cruel twist of fate i've lost my stick! Which sucks because the weather here in England is pretty rubbish at the moment and i've been itching to break this shade out all month!

MAC 219 Shadow Brush

I'm not great at eyeshadow looks that involve any sort of darker crease etc. But I so wish I was. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact I'm fairly OCD and all of my shadow brushes are quite large and clumpy for my small eyes. I've been eyeing this brush for a while, hoping it will be the answer to my prayers. Smoky eyes here I come.

Chanel Vita Lumiere Foundation

I have been talking about this foundation for months and months, if not on here then to anyone who will listen. A couple weeks ago my boyfriend's sister picked it up and generously let me try it out and my do I need that foundation. The staying power without powder or primer wasn't great but the coverage was amazing and the finished product was so pretty, smooth and flawless. I need. I must purchase. 

So there it is, my wish list of things I can't bare to live without a moment longer but alas have to in order to save for the Black Friday shopping sales. Are there any of you out there from America who can give me any tips for shopping on black friday?

Love always,

22 August 2015

I have always been one for the bronzed goddess look when it comes to eye makeup, when you think of me I want you to think of pretty gold dusted eyes. Usually a quick swipe of 'Half Baked' from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette over the top of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'On and On Bronze' and that's me done. Beautiful bronzed eyelids in minutes.

However, I've been trying out a tonne of new products in order to replicate the look Tanya Burr creates in her 'Smoky Evening Makeup for Glasses Wearers' tutorial but without the expensive price tag and thought I'd share with you how I did it. It's a little more golden than what she does but it's still super pretty. 

I applied foundation, concealer, powder and fixed my eyebrows like I would every other day, that's not something I usually experiment with too much. I then applied 'On and On Bronze' like I mentioned before all over the lid, I like to use a generous amount of product in order for a strong base colour. Using any blending brush, I'm using the MAC 217 blend the outer rim of shadow. I then did a light dusting of 'Metallic Light Copper' eyeshadow by Kiko. I just wanted something light to brighten the lid from the metallic shade that 'On and On Bronze' gives.

In the crease, I applied 'Sparkling Brown', also by Kiko however L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in 'Bronzed Taupe' would be a good alternative. 

Over the top, I used a dry brush to apply Barry M Dazzle Dust in 'Tan'. It's a fine glitter is much lighter and more vibrantly gold, similar to Tanya's finished 'Golden Goddess' look. The BM Dazzle Dust's are great, more affordable alternative to the MAC Reflect glitters that Tanya uses in the glasses wearers video. 

I finished the look with my signature cat eye eyeliner and some mascara. I used MAC's 'Blacktrack' gel eyeliner that I mentioned in my 'products I couldn't live without post and Urban Decay Perversion mascara, however, the Soap & Glory 'Cateye' and Rimmel 'Wonderlash' are good drugstore alternatives. 

And tada... I am most certainly not a makeup artist, professional or anything close but I really wanted to share this look with you. I loved it when Tanya wore it and have been itching for a cheaper more affordable version and thought you might be interested too. 

Love always,

15 August 2015

I'm a sucker for a neutral eyeshadow palette, that's something you should know about me. I wrote about my all time favourite neutrals palette by Stila when I picked it up in February here.

I went shopping a couple weeks ago and noticed that Kiko were having a sale. I already owned one of their eyeshadows which I picked up as a little treat when I was in Milan last year and honestly I didn't put it down for a good 3 or 4 months. Since then I'd been meaning to pick up some more shades but ever gotten round to it.

All of their Clic System Infinity Eyeshadows are currently 50% and they also have this deal that if (on top of the 50% discount) you buy 6 of Infinity Eyeshadow shades they'll give you a 24 slot eyeshadow container for free. And at £2.80 per eyeshadow you can't go wrong. I picked up 9 shades in total, which only cost me £19 overall. Bargain.

The formula is so buttery and super blendable, albeit a little chalky on the white/super light shades but it's really great if you want to start your own palette but don't have the funds for MAC or Inglot etc. It's definitely a more affordable alternative to MAC's Pro Palette which costs £10 per eyeshadow and an extra £12 for the palette to accommodate them!

Like I mentioned earlier, I love neutral eyeshadows so, to no ones surprise, I picked up a handful of richly pigmented neutrals. 'Satin Candy' is quite sheer pearly pink and really buildable if you need opaque coverage, but it can be a little chalky. The rest of the shades are honestly so beautiful, 'Metallic Light Copper' an orange-y gold being my favourite closely followed by 'Pearly Mahogany' a deep red tinged brown and 'Sparkling Brown' a dark mat brown with super subtle gold sparkles.

I can't wait to get back to my nearest Kiko soon and pick up some more shades, I still have 14 slots to fill, to which I have my eyes on 'Pearly Light Gold' and 'Mat Dark Taupe' next I think. According to the staff in the shop, which were so helpful, the 50% discount isn't going to be ending anytime soon, so a payday splurge might be on the cards!

Love always,

12 August 2015

I wasn't privvy to the first season of True Detective, my boyfriend however thought it was great. And since the second season is airing on TV at the moment, my Monday nights are taken up with Rachel McAdams filling my TV screen, not something to complain about.

She's been making movies pretty fluidly the past few years but she'd been completely of my radar until now. I'd never really looked into the actress outside of all the movies and boy how I was missing out. Rachel's style is really something beautiful, parisian and feminine.

I honestly love her wardrobe, out and about it's super casual, plaid shirts and jeans but my favourite stuff i've seen her in is on red carpets and TV appearances. It's really something when a celebrity can look beautiful without thinking she has to show off obscene amounts of skin.

On the 'Popcorn with Peter Travis' show last week Rachel wore this beautiful two tone, lace dress. It was bold and statement piece, the lace and peter pan collar made it a little more feminine than Posh Spice. On the Jimmy Fallon show a couple weeks ago she wore a navy open back, lace skater dress which pulled her in at the right places accentuating her petite curves. It was down to the calf but sheer from the knee. I love the way she's experimenting with the two piece/mid drift exposed trend but in a way that is still so classy and chic.

This Embroidered Floral dress from the ASOS petite range would be a perfect Rachel inspired wedding guest dress. If that's a little out of your price range, this Lace Mini Prom Dress is so pretty a makes the most of curves whether you have a slim or curvy frame and plays with the 2 piece trend similar to Rachel.

The Lace Pleated Midi Dress from Warehouse subtly recreates the mix in textures similar to what Rachel wore on the Jimmy Fallon show but in a much more subtle way. 

I honestly think that Rachel McAdams is one to watch on the fashion scene, I can't believe it's only now that I've become more aware of her. All I need now is a special occasion so I can channel my inner chic, femininity that is Miss McAdams.

Love always,

8 August 2015

Before I started this blog, around about when I was 17, I started making my own jewellery. When it comes to fashion, i'm in two minds. I love on season trends but then I love having items that no one else has. I'm not quite dedicated enough to shop in flee markets, garage sales or thrift shops for one of a kind items. But I do tend to stick to places that are a little less known in order to avoid walking down the street and bumping into this girl I knew from college wearing the exact same shirt as me.

Jewellery can really make an outfit and when I was younger I didn't have the money to spend on a necklace that would transform a single outfit. So I started making them myself and I wanted to share that with you today.

My all time favourite pieces i've made over the past couple of years are these two necklaces, which I broke out of my jewellery box this summer for festival season. They're made from reclaimed wood which I hand cut, sanded and varnished before attaching the brushed gold chain. I love the tribal look that and would go perfect with the metallic temporary tattoo's that i've been seeing everywhere.

I've actually been thinking about setting up an Etsy shop and trying to sell them for a little extra cash, maybe if I made 5 or 10 of each necklace so they're still unique and if you bought one the chances of you meeting someone with the same necklace would be slim. I don't know, it's definitely something to think about. I haven't done anything creative since handing in my final project for my art degree so getting back in making my own jewellery would be great. It's definitely someone i'd recommend you try to, if you have a little cash and some spare time.

Love always,

1 August 2015

I had another blog post planned for this evening but I just kind of want to talk to you. What's fun about having a blog is you type with the intent of telling a story or opinion even if no one is reading, i'm typing to you now with no idea who is actually going to click on this post and give it a chance. Why would you? I'm just a young girl writing about make-up and travel on the internet, not someone with a mildly interesting life on the outside. But someone will read this because they're bored or interested or just want to meet someone new. That's cool.

I've had another one of those stressful weeks, they all seem to be like that at the moment. Something is always happening and emotions have been roller coaster crazy for quite a while. This week I applied for a bunch of new jobs and got rejected to a bunch of other ones. I did a lot of long shifts at work, back to back, stress. Today was the most difficult and challenging this far actually. I've also spent a lot of time trying to find a reasonably priced place to stay in New York to celebrate my birthday in November. I've still got a bit of time but it's over Thanksgiving so the prices are peaking quite a bit and i'm a compulsive organiser so the idea of having booked flights but not a bed to sleep in is making me break out.

I guess right now i'm just trying to work hard to get where I want to be, it's not ideal being an Art graduate and working full time in retail. It's also not ideal working full time whilst trying to get a 'real' job because my exhaustion and motivation levels are on polar ends of the spectrum right now. But, i'll get there eventually, if not this year then next (hopefully this one though.) That's why I love having this blog and having someone to talk to even if I don't know who i'm opening up to.

Thanks for being there for me.

Love always,