22 July 2015

Mini Nars Haul + First Impressions

I have been talking and talking about how much I want to try the Nars foundations for so, so long, if you're a regular reader i'm sure you're sick of me talking about it. But you can take a sigh of relief because I finally bit the bullet after my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation ran out just before I flew to Lisbon.

In order to convince myself it was a good investment, I committed to a lot of pre purchase research.  £30+ for a foundation is a lot of money especially if you're not going to like it afterwards, I just had to be sure. I honestly read so many reviews and watched so many videos that I lost count!

Nars have two feature foundations; the old favourite 'Sheer Glow' and the new star 'All Day Luminous Weightless.' From the reviews, it was pretty much unanimous that Nars' new pick wasn't right for those with dry skin, i.e me. It apparently gathered in places which emphasised pores and imperfections, not what I wanted. But for those of you with normal to oily skin, supposedly it's amazing. So I ended up grabbing a bottle of 'Sheer Glow' as it was supposed to be better suited for those with skin a little more like the Sahara desert.

I like my foundation to be as if it's not even there, the 'your skin but better' look is exactly where i'm going with my face base. I don't like being able to tell you've even got make-up on. At first, I loved the foundation, it goes on easy and blends well, a little goes a long way where 'Sheer Glow' is concerned. However the second time I used it I had to double check I picked up the correct one as I noticed it gathering all around my forehead and nose, a problem i've never had with high street foundations. It just wasn't quite working second time around. But in an attempt to not have wasted £33 I tried mixing it with my moisturiser which worked a treat, no emphasised pores or "I forgot to blend my foundation patches." It's a bit of a shame I have to do this to make it work but I put moisturiser on anyway so no harm this time.

I picked up Deauville, which I'm positive is ever so slightly too light for me despite getting help in the store so currently adding a little more bronzer than I originally would but i'm sure it'll be fine once the weather gets a little colder and my sun kissed cheeks fade.

The coverage is much fuller than anything i've tried before but that just means I use less concealer, bonus! Speaking of concealer I also picked up another pot of Nars' 'Creamy Radient Concealer' which I love. It's quite a thick consistency with a coverage that matches the foundation meaning it really helps cover my under eye bags. Perfect!

Have you used Nars bases before? I had a little eye at 'Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser' because it has a high SPF and i've been looking for one of those for ages. Thinking about it the tint in this might be great to even out the colour in my foundation?! Maybe. Hopefully. I'll give it a go after pay day!

Love always,

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