1 July 2015

Currently #7: It's been the craziest week...

I went a little incognito on my blog this week but that’s because so much happened that I have to tell you about now. It has honestly been the craziest, stress filled, exciting week ever.

First up, last Monday I graduated with a BA (Honours) Degree in Arts and Media, whilst the day itself was pretty overrated it was so fun to get dressed up and all emotional with the people i’ve spent the last 3 years laughing, sweating and crying with. I’ve watched these people grow and develop into incredible artists and it was honestly the end of an era. I didn’t get a long with University very much but I still learnt valuable things and met so many fantastic people.

On Tuesday some of the graduates and I set up our first ever exhibition outside of education, we didn’t wait around! It was a plethora of modern media’s and exceptional talent which was really well received at the private view on Wednesday evening. To which we all got fairly drunk afterwards, in order to celebrate our hard work.

The rest of the week was spent marketing and looking after the exhibition. But was topped off by seeing my favourite home girl Taylor Swift in Hyde Park on Saturday evening. I cried through pretty much the entire show and sang so hard my throat is still a little tender. Taylor, has been this rock in my life that when I try to explain to people, no one ever seems to understand. I’ve spent the last three years not really having a best friend, I mean undoubtably George is my best friend but i’m talking that girlfriend you can call at 2am and cry on the phone to because you burnt the pizza you’ve been dreaming about all day. Taylor has been ‘there’ for me even though she was never physically there and that means a lot when the people you are physically surrounded by, aren’t emotionally there for you.

I just wanted to share that week with you because it made it impossible for me to write to you earlier but was one of the most self fulfilling, exciting but equally grey hair inducing weeks of my year so far!

If you’re interested in seeing my art that i’ve exhibited, you can see that on my website here, you can also read about the exhibition here. Sorry for the lack of posts last week, regular scheduling will resume immediately.

Love always,

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