15 July 2015

Currently #8: The best week in Lisbon

If any of you follow me on Instagram then you'll be aware that I spent the best part of last week in Lisbon, Portugal. And oh my, Lisbon you're so fun. Everybody there is so laid back, friendly and nice, which is so refreshing for a capital city that's always moving at such a fast paced beat!

The architecture is beautiful, the houses - which are deceivingly tall - look like they've been plucked right out of Paris and styled with traditional Portuguese decor. Castle of Sao Jorge, would be a British health and safety workers nightmare but is so, so cool! There are no hand rails or fences so you see and experience the castle as it actually was when it was built, it's so rare to see something like that!  Torre de Belem and Jeronimo's Monastery were incredible, honestly, the architecture here almost rivals the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Almost.

In the summer, aside from sun, sea and cocktails, music is favourite thing. The sea in Lisbon, was freezing, so, so cold but the sun and cocktails were pretty good. But the main thing we went for was to see Muse perform at NOS Alive festival.

I honestly had such a good time and it was so good to get away from the craziness of the past few weeks and just chill out, listen to good music, eat good food and look at a pretty city. Hope you're all having the best summer.

Love always,

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  1. I am from Portugal and I'm so happy you had a lovely time year! Everyone here was so excited about the NOS Alive festival! Unfortunately I didn't attend! The sea is usually very cold here apart from the Algarve area! Xx


  2. I'd loveeee to visit Lisbon next time I travel to Europe. Looks so pretty in all the pictures x

  3. Dear Melissa the Post is Perfect : Nice Words , Marvlous Photos & Beautiful Locations !!! Congratulations for the Blog & Lots of Fun !!!


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