29 July 2015

I know i'm pretty late to the 'Too Faced' hype but my excuse is student loans and life style never gave me the option to be a little more spendy on my make-up purchases. I picked up this mascara, like my new Nars foundation, before I went to Lisbon at the beginning of the month. It'd been on my wish list for so long because it was so fondly talked about in the blogging community for quite a while and then none other than my BFF fave, Taylor Swift likes it too.

I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed at first. It made my lashes long but pretty clumpy and resembling spiders legs. I'm not really one for that look. But certain mascara's have better ways of application, my drugstore favourite Rimmel foundation applies best with a bit of a wiggle. This one needs slow, steady flicks. It took me a while to realise that but since I have, I love it. It adds lots of thickness and length to your lashes and what's great is you can just keep adding layers and it keeps getting more long and voluminous. It's a pretty good rival for Urban Decays 'Perversion' actually which is a two step wonder, 'Better than Sex' you can get the same results in one step.

It lasts, i'd say 10 hours ish. I measure my makeup by how well it stays on at work. I have a job where it's quite hot and sticky where i'm running around a lot, so for a product to last through all that, then it's pretty great!

For £19 it's not the most expensive mascara but it's definitely not the cheapest either, it's definitely worth the extra pennies though. I've just got my fingers crossed it lasts a bit longer than the Urban Decay one which dries out so fast.

Better than sex though? Probably not but pretty damn good that's for sure. My new favourite.

Love always,

25 July 2015

Over the last couple of weeks i’ve really turned a leaf in my lip wardrobe by reaching for something other than my usual everyday  Rimmel 01 and 28. It’s been quite a new chapter, so I wanted to share with you my 3 most 'go to’ lip shades this summer, so far! 

Elizabeth Arden - 'Rouge'

The newest edition to my ever-growing lipstick collection is this beautiful phone box red by Elizabeth Arden, gifted to me by my Mum. It's much brighter than the other red shades I have and rivals the stay power of 'Ruby-Woo' by MAC. I've worn this to work the past couple of days and it lasted the best part of 5 hours before I needed to re-apply and I had quite a few compliments on it too!

MAC - 'Speak Louder'

I’ve never been a ‘pink’ person, I much prefer red! I bought this shade earlier in the year to try and learn to love pink seeing as it's been so popular in the beauty scene this year, it’s definitely worked. This shade is bright but not too bright, it's perfect when you want to inject a bit of summer colour into your look when it's pouring rain outside like it has been the past few days here in England. 

Revlon -'Peach Parfait'

I picked this up last summer if I remember rightly, it’s a great pinky nude with small specks of glitter. It’s definitely a ‘i’m wearing lipstick’ nude, it’s got quite a wet look sheen to it but I love the idea of a jazzy nude. Your lips at a disco nude, how fun does that sound! 

What lip shades have you been loving so far this summer? I reckon come payday i'll be heading over to my local Elizabeth Arden counter and checking out some of the other shades on offer there! I've definitely found a new love! 

Love always,

22 July 2015

I have been talking and talking about how much I want to try the Nars foundations for so, so long, if you're a regular reader i'm sure you're sick of me talking about it. But you can take a sigh of relief because I finally bit the bullet after my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation ran out just before I flew to Lisbon.

In order to convince myself it was a good investment, I committed to a lot of pre purchase research.  £30+ for a foundation is a lot of money especially if you're not going to like it afterwards, I just had to be sure. I honestly read so many reviews and watched so many videos that I lost count!

Nars have two feature foundations; the old favourite 'Sheer Glow' and the new star 'All Day Luminous Weightless.' From the reviews, it was pretty much unanimous that Nars' new pick wasn't right for those with dry skin, i.e me. It apparently gathered in places which emphasised pores and imperfections, not what I wanted. But for those of you with normal to oily skin, supposedly it's amazing. So I ended up grabbing a bottle of 'Sheer Glow' as it was supposed to be better suited for those with skin a little more like the Sahara desert.

I like my foundation to be as if it's not even there, the 'your skin but better' look is exactly where i'm going with my face base. I don't like being able to tell you've even got make-up on. At first, I loved the foundation, it goes on easy and blends well, a little goes a long way where 'Sheer Glow' is concerned. However the second time I used it I had to double check I picked up the correct one as I noticed it gathering all around my forehead and nose, a problem i've never had with high street foundations. It just wasn't quite working second time around. But in an attempt to not have wasted £33 I tried mixing it with my moisturiser which worked a treat, no emphasised pores or "I forgot to blend my foundation patches." It's a bit of a shame I have to do this to make it work but I put moisturiser on anyway so no harm this time.

I picked up Deauville, which I'm positive is ever so slightly too light for me despite getting help in the store so currently adding a little more bronzer than I originally would but i'm sure it'll be fine once the weather gets a little colder and my sun kissed cheeks fade.

The coverage is much fuller than anything i've tried before but that just means I use less concealer, bonus! Speaking of concealer I also picked up another pot of Nars' 'Creamy Radient Concealer' which I love. It's quite a thick consistency with a coverage that matches the foundation meaning it really helps cover my under eye bags. Perfect!

Have you used Nars bases before? I had a little eye at 'Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser' because it has a high SPF and i've been looking for one of those for ages. Thinking about it the tint in this might be great to even out the colour in my foundation?! Maybe. Hopefully. I'll give it a go after pay day!

Love always,

20 July 2015

I posted on Wednesday about my trip to Lisbon (read about it here) and today I thought I'd share what I packed in my make-up bag. We flew to Lisbon with carry on luggage only, meaning I could only take things 100ml or less, to say the least, packing was tricky...

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

I went back to basics for my face bace this holiday, I wanted something with more coverage than a BB cream because it needed to last all day but nothing too heavy. I don't know why I ever switched from this foundation, it's so good.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

On my winter break to Thailand back in February I was loving my UD Flushed palette because of it's versatility and affinity for light weight travelling. This time around I was loving the Naked basics for the same reason! I used 'Cover' to fill in my eyebrows, 'Stark' as a base for my eyeshadow, 'Skimp' as a highlight and surprisingly 'Frisk' as a super subtle bronzer.

Barry M Dazzle Dust - 44

One of the main reasons I went to Lisbon was for a festival so I couldn't fly without some sort of glitter in my make-up bag. I remember being in love with the Barry M dazzle dusts when I was 14 and I totally rekindled my love for them this holiday. I picked up '44' which I think is called Gold or Tan or something, it doesn't say on the pot but is a beautiful metallic gold! I am in love.

MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack

Would you have guessed any different? I talk about this eyeliner so much, it's perfect in warmer temperatures and humidity because it doesn't move an inch, unlike most liquid/gel eyeliners i've tried.  Must have, never leaves my make-up bag sort of item!

Two Faced Better than Sex Mascara

I bought this about a week before I went away, i've been struggling mascara's a lot because they tend to leave me with black flakes all around my under eyes by one in the afternoon. I've heard great things about this one and it just so happens to be one of Taylor Swifts favourite mascara's so I couldn't not try it! And I love it.

And that was it, a travel make-up bag in 5 items! I'm not one for packing lightly so was so proud of myself when I pulled a 5 item make-up routine out of the bag. I'd love to know what 5 items you have to travel with for your holidays.

Love always,

15 July 2015

If any of you follow me on Instagram then you'll be aware that I spent the best part of last week in Lisbon, Portugal. And oh my, Lisbon you're so fun. Everybody there is so laid back, friendly and nice, which is so refreshing for a capital city that's always moving at such a fast paced beat!

The architecture is beautiful, the houses - which are deceivingly tall - look like they've been plucked right out of Paris and styled with traditional Portuguese decor. Castle of Sao Jorge, would be a British health and safety workers nightmare but is so, so cool! There are no hand rails or fences so you see and experience the castle as it actually was when it was built, it's so rare to see something like that!  Torre de Belem and Jeronimo's Monastery were incredible, honestly, the architecture here almost rivals the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Almost.

In the summer, aside from sun, sea and cocktails, music is favourite thing. The sea in Lisbon, was freezing, so, so cold but the sun and cocktails were pretty good. But the main thing we went for was to see Muse perform at NOS Alive festival.

I honestly had such a good time and it was so good to get away from the craziness of the past few weeks and just chill out, listen to good music, eat good food and look at a pretty city. Hope you're all having the best summer.

Love always,

4 July 2015

First of all, happy Independence day, hope the sun is shining and those celebrating today are having an amazing time with friends and family. This past week England has been blessed with some incredible rays of sunshine! I've unfortunately been stuck inside working through most of it but i've got the day off today so will definitely be making the most of the 29 degree forecast! Safely though. I caught a snippet from a TV show a couple weeks ago about sun cream and was so shocked about all the things I didn't know. In the past I have been fairly lax about sun protection because I don't burn too easy and love that nice sun-kissed glow. However recently i've been a little more strict because no one wants to encounter premature ageing!

So I thought i'd share with you what I learnt from the show and a few things I already know about sun protection and what to look out for to help you out this summer...

  • Sunscreen protects from UVA and UVB rays which can cause damage to the skin.
  • UVA rays can cause lasting skin damage and premature skin ageing.
  • UVB rays is what causes skin damage and sun burn.
  • Both types of rays can lead to skin cancer.
  • An SPF is the sunscreens ability to protect against UVB rays. 
  • According to skincancer.org the SPF number is how many times longer it would take for your skin to burn. For example if it takes you skin 10 minutes in the sun unprotected for you to burn, then wearing factor 30 would make your skin last 30 times longer which is about 5 hours. 
  • Protection from UVA rays is measured by a star rating of 0 - 5. 
  • The rating is measured in ratio to the SPF, so a low factor SPF with a 5 star rating means that the ratio of protection is the same. A high SPF with a 2 star rating means that the UVA protection is under half.
  • Sun screen should not be expected to last any longer that 2 hours without re-applying. 
  • You should apply your first application of sunscreen for the day 30 minutes before entering the sun. 
  • 40% of the suns UV rays can reach the earth on cloudy days!
  • Sun cream only has a shelf life of 2 years. 
  • You can improve sun protection by just sitting in the shade. 

I hope this has helped you have a better understanding on suncream, sun rays and how to stay protected this summer. Let me know if you have any more tips or facts that I haven't mentioned! 
Love always,

1 July 2015

I went a little incognito on my blog this week but that’s because so much happened that I have to tell you about now. It has honestly been the craziest, stress filled, exciting week ever.

First up, last Monday I graduated with a BA (Honours) Degree in Arts and Media, whilst the day itself was pretty overrated it was so fun to get dressed up and all emotional with the people i’ve spent the last 3 years laughing, sweating and crying with. I’ve watched these people grow and develop into incredible artists and it was honestly the end of an era. I didn’t get a long with University very much but I still learnt valuable things and met so many fantastic people.

On Tuesday some of the graduates and I set up our first ever exhibition outside of education, we didn’t wait around! It was a plethora of modern media’s and exceptional talent which was really well received at the private view on Wednesday evening. To which we all got fairly drunk afterwards, in order to celebrate our hard work.

The rest of the week was spent marketing and looking after the exhibition. But was topped off by seeing my favourite home girl Taylor Swift in Hyde Park on Saturday evening. I cried through pretty much the entire show and sang so hard my throat is still a little tender. Taylor, has been this rock in my life that when I try to explain to people, no one ever seems to understand. I’ve spent the last three years not really having a best friend, I mean undoubtably George is my best friend but i’m talking that girlfriend you can call at 2am and cry on the phone to because you burnt the pizza you’ve been dreaming about all day. Taylor has been ‘there’ for me even though she was never physically there and that means a lot when the people you are physically surrounded by, aren’t emotionally there for you.

I just wanted to share that week with you because it made it impossible for me to write to you earlier but was one of the most self fulfilling, exciting but equally grey hair inducing weeks of my year so far!

If you’re interested in seeing my art that i’ve exhibited, you can see that on my website here, you can also read about the exhibition here. Sorry for the lack of posts last week, regular scheduling will resume immediately.

Love always,