20 June 2015

Release the elephant...

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll be aware that I'm graduating University this coming Monday and will be hens forth a professional artist. It's a scary thought, making a sustainable living from being a creator. Mostly because its a common misconception that artists don't make money until their dead, for me I sincerely hope thats not true. Not that it's about the money but I need to be able to earn a living in order to do what I love, anyway I'm getting widely off topic.

On the 24th of June, myself and a few of the students I've worked with over the past 3 years will be cutting the metaphorical ribbon on our first ever exhibition outside of an educational institute.
Suda: Release the Elephant

A new breed of critically engaged artists, whose work is diverse, eclectic and freshly liberated from captivity. Witness the extravaganza of their release; as for the first time they explore a new world free from paralysis and confinement.

Suda celebrates recent UCA Fine Art graduates in their release into the art world. Witness the new breed of Fine Artist and their powerful works that celebrate, critic and also rebel against social and political issues.

These new Fine breeds of artists explore diverse themes such as feminism and the battle against mass media, the importance of the artefact and perversion of it. Alongside a variety of abstracted forms documenting content of personal and social struggles resolved through medias of photography and film. Other content includes print, light and sound each exploring the aforementioned media in experimental and alternative ways.

Welcome to the wild; come and watch us perform.
Therefore, if you're in London from the 24th - 28th June, please pop down to Hotel Elephant (London, SE1 6DR) and see our work. I'll be there in person on the evening of the 24th for the private view and the afternoon of the 25th, it'd be so fun to see some of you there.

I understand that the majority of you that read this probably don't live even remotely close to London and those of you who do probably won't want to venture to Elephant and Caste to see a stranger whose words you occasionally read on the internet, but i'd really love to see you!

Love always,

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  1. I wish that I were closer. Without getting to deep or to dramatic, art is one of the only things that I can connect with emotionally. Maybe pictures? haha. Congratulations on your graduation! You must be so excited.
    Skin :)


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