13 June 2015

Products I couldn't live without

Whether it's a 'your house is on fire' scenario or a 'you have 5 minutes to do your make-up' one, everyone has those products they'd reach for without a second thought. The ones that you would struggle to live without. That concept was quite intriguing so I thought i'd compile a list of products that I loved so much that my life might be effected, even minutely if I had to live without them!

Red Nail Varnish

I alternate my favourite colour nail polish all the time however my all time favourite, 'melissa' colour is post box red. The "red lip classic" thing isn't an easy move for me to make but red nails is a perfect alternative. Revlon's 'China Flower' is the perfect summer shade as it's a little brighter, 'Boudoir' by Ciate is perfect for the colder months because it's much deeper and soulful but 'Double Decker Red' from Rimmel is a perfect all rounder.

Cat Eye Eyeliner

I feel naked without it, i'm going to put that straight out there. Without my always wonky and never twinning flicks, I don't feel like me. My eyeliner of choice to make me feel whole again changes depending on my mood, at the moment i'm besotted with Mac's 'Blacktrack' which applied with the #210 brush (also by Mac) my face looks so much more, like me. What more could I want?

Lip Balm

I think I must lick my lips all the time, which in hindsight must look so, so weird but it's the only reason I can think of as to why my lips always feel chapped. So in the event of 'your stranded on a desert island, what one thing would you take with you' it would undoubtably be lip balm. I love the 'Aloe' one from The Body Shop although it doesn't taste good and smells suspiciously like tobacco but it does an amazing job.

Argon Oil Hair Treatment

I've talked about this on my blog before (you can read it here) without Argon Oil my hair would be a brittle, fizzy mess. Not a pretty sight at all. My hair is thin and curly so ends up looking fairly ridiculous in every humidity if I don't put some sort of hair treatment on it. It also grows at an unbelievable pace, without Argon Oil a snail would be able to slither across the coast of England before even 1inch of length was added to my hair.

MAC 217

Looking back, I probably should have included some sort of eyeshadow because the MAC 217 is pretty useless without a shadow to use it with. Regardless, it's my favourite make-up brush, hands down! It's so easy to use and works magic even when - like me - you have no idea what you're doing!


I have some of the bluest under eye circles i've ever seen, it's quite unfortunate. Thank the lord for the invention of concealer! I'm currently loving the 'Creamy Radiant Concealer' by Nars. It's as it states, radiant so adds some much need light and brightness under my eyes. Without concealer I vaguely look like a zombie and other living dead beings.

I had so much fun writing the post, rummaging through my draw of products trying to pick ones that have 'changed my life' so to speak. Pop in the comments any products you would struggle to live without...

Love always,

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  1. I agree with practically all of these! This is a really nice post x

  2. MAC 217 is such a good shout!

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