10 June 2015

Screaming Colour: Holographic Fashion Accessories

I don't know why but i've been all about the white, pink and lilac iridescent clothing lately. It may have something to do with what i'm wearing to see Taylor Swift at the end of the month but i'll tell you more about that another time.

I've spent so long already this month google searching holographic clothing and i'm irrevocably in love but at the same time I don't want to end up looking like a space adventurer Barbie. So I've put together some examples of subtle ways you can introduce iridescent magic into your wardrobe without going too sic-fi.

1. RayBan - Round Metal Sunglasses (£143)

I want these sunglasses so, so bad. I'm heading out of the country in July so i'm hoping to pick these RayBan's up in duty free on the way. I just can't think of anything prettier, the frames are dark gold, almost rose gold and the lenses are a mirrored purple/pink. I'm melting inside just thinking about them.

2. The Ragged Priest - Flipper Anorak (£60)

If you're going to a British festival this Summer the chance of rain is particularly high, therefore a raincoat is a must buy. There are tones of cheaper rain coats on the internet but after my days and days of searching this topped my list of favourites by far. The colours are so beautiful you would brighten up even the greyest of days!

3. ASOS - Holographic Belt (£10)

The cheapest item on my list but the most versatile item for sure. Paired with white jeans and a crop top or around the waist of a high rise skirt would be perfect. It's quite a muted hologram effect so if your not feeling so brave then this is a great introduction to the beauty that is iridescent fashion.

4. Whistles - Leather Iridescent Clutch (£40)

I. Love. This. I'm having so much trouble not purchasing this! I wear black all the time, it's my comfort colour so imagine this clutch paired with a little black dress and some cute heels on a night out with some sparkly make-up! Cute, comfortable but sassy.

5. Zazzle - Phone Case (£32.95)

Granted this is a bit steep for a phone case but how could I not include it. It looks great and will seriously jazz up any battered phone, even the most ridiculously shattered screen! You could DIY your own iridescent case using a clear backed bumper case and some holographic paper from the craft store for under £5.

I am so sold on this fashion craze that payday couldn't come sooner this month. I saw this drop dead gorgeous iridescent skirt on Nasty Gal during my searches over the past week but alas it was sold out. Probably a good thing otherwise my purse would be crying tears teeny tiny sparkly tears!

Love always,

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