23 May 2015

The Barry M Dupe for Gel Nails

Ok, I have to say this first off, I have never had Gel Nails because of how time consuming it is to do but the results are beautiful. I always find myself complimenting customers on their nails at work and 9/10 times they have Gel nails. So when I heard about this so called, Gel Nail dupe I had to give it a go.

Barry M have just this month released their 'Daylight Curing' range. The idea is, you apply two coats of the daylight curing nail polish followed by the top coat from the same range, the polish then naturally cures in daylight. The nail varnish is advertised to give high shine and the durability of gel nails just without the expense.

The polish is shiny that's for sure but I have achieved similar results from a normal top coat, the durability however was what I was most interested in. I work a lot with my hands; typing for this blog, at university making art and at work merchandising etc. My nails take an awful lot of battering, it's often not worth wearing nail polish because it's chipped and looking awful in just hours. However, I applied this nail polish on Friday afternoon and it lasted an entire weekend at work, plus a solid 3 days of exhibition building at Uni. I only took it off on Thursday to apply a fresh coat for the fancy Degree Show party I was going to that night. I wish I had thought to take a picture because there was very few chips, i'm talking one or two over all 10 fingernails. Amazing. I'm so impressed.

The only downside is the range of colours available, they are beautiful don't get me wrong, very bold and strong but not hugely summer oriented which is a shame. The peachy/coral shade 'Peach for the stars' and the teal shade 'Way You Make Me Teal' are most versatile for summer but the rest are deep fuchsia, red and navy shades. Just a little too dark for me this season. I picked up the shade 'Do It Like a Nude' which is a beautiful muted pink, it did take 3 coats to get a completely opaque coverage but I am assured by friends who are also in love with this collection that they didn't have that problem. Must just be me or a dud bottle.

I think this is a great a alternative for those of you who want to try/love gel nails but don't quite have the time for them. Or even if your like me and love having your nails painted but hate having to do them, this polish increases the time in between re-painting which is great. Perfect nails for longer!

Love always,

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  1. I really want to try this, sounds really interesting! When I looked though I wasn't too impressed with the colour range, the peachy one sounds good though!



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