30 May 2015

Monthly Favourites: May

May has been a weird month, i’ve spent the majority of the month make-up less, hair in a top knot, wearing clothes I normally wouldn’t be seen dead in. There has been many sleepless nights for my final hand in and many tiring days setting up my final exhibition at Uni and I think my favourites this month are really going to represent that!

Primark Sports Bra

I bought this teal sports bra from Primark but never in a million years would I wear it as a sports bra, it’s just not supportive/shock absorbing enough. However, I have pretty much lived in it this month as a comfy alternative to my everyday t-shirt bra. It’s got this inch thick elastic band just under the bust which alongside the racer back straps gives the same support as my normal bra’s just without the discomfort of a wire!

Handy Gurugu - Lush

I mentioned this in my February Favourites, I think. There has been so much building, sanding, painting and constructing for the degree show exhibition that my hands bared the entire brunt of it. I decanted some of this into a little pot and took it around with my in the back packot of my jeans and probably applied it on the hour every hour for a good two weeks solid this month.

Urban Decay - Naked 2

I ran out of my favourite eye pencil very early in the month and haven’t been able to purchase a new one because i’ve been so busy and low on cash. ‘Tease’ from the Naked 2 palette is my perfect eyebrow shade and the flat applicator on the double ended brush is great for getting the right shade. Because i’ve had the palette out for my eyebrows all month, i’ve rekindled my love for it and used pretty much every shade on my lids this months too!

Liz Earle - Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Like I mentioned, there have been countless sleepless nights whether they be tactical productivity measures or kept up from worry and panic about deadlines and grades. But in the morning when my face looked like i’d had all the life sucked out of me, this toner was what put it back! It’s called instant boost for a reason and that is something I appreciate when i’m tired, emotional and have 5 minutes before I need to be out of the door.

Nars - Creamy Concealer

For the days when the instant boost wasn't quite enough this concealer was perfect for covering those dark under eye circles making me look like a radiant goddess who's got everything together. For normal everyday makeup this product might be too heavy for some but it's a miracle worker when you've had less than the recommended sleep intake.

May has been a tough one, I start my job full time on June 2nd so I can imagine the tiredness isn't going to improve greatly until my body adjusts to the changes but i'm looking forward to it.

Love always,

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  1. I usually hate primary but may have to look into the crop top. Thanks!

    Kirsty xx



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