2 May 2015

Ban 'dem Rays

I bought some semi expensive sunglasses last year from & Other Stories. I love them. But unfortunately the bit that goes over the bridge of the nose is made from a metal that i'm allergic two. I've tried all sorts of things to combat the irritation it causes, such as clear nail varnish and tape but to no avail. And after the last two weeks of straight sun, I had to bite the bullet and by a pair of sunglasses that were going to last.

I have wanted a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers for the longest time but as a student £120+ for a pair of sunglasses just seemed a bit ridiculous. And not to mention that everyone under the sun and their dog has a pair of Wayfarers these days. So instead I picked up what I think is a new design to 2015, they are the Ray Ban Erika's.

Mine a a frosted brown tortoise shell but they come in all sorts of colours, I was torn between these and the charcoal/navy looking ones. They're fairly rounded and are a subtle cat eye shape which I think suits my small face the best. And they were only £98 which for Ray Bans, I thought was a bargain.

What do you think? Like true English weather the sun has since disappeared but i'm still wearing them everywhere. My inner Victoria Beckham is gleaming.

Love always,

P.S. I hope you think i'm 'gangsta' from the title. ha.

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  1. I love Ray-Bans so much! I have a couple of wayfarers but I'd love some of the Erika style next. Great post x



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