29 April 2015

Currently #5: In and out the dusty bluebells

The last two weeks have been a blur of website coding, business card designing and the attempt to create a presence for my Art online. For those of you who don't know i've spent the past 3 years studying towards a degree in Art and on Monday I had my second to last deadline of my entire University experience. To say that time has flown is an understatement, I can't believe that in just over one months time i'll be classes as a professional artist. Well, I hope anyway. 

Stress at the moment is pretty much as high as Mount Kilimanjaro so yesterday to try and relax a little, George and I took the puppy for this beautiful walk surrounded by thousands of Bluebells. The three of us had a whale of a time swimming through the field of blue, the puppy occasionally getting lost in the midst of it all. It wasn't until a we heard a her sneeze that we knew where she was.


I know I missed all my posts last week and I didn't want to continue that through to this week so I thought instead i'd share with you some of my photo's from the day. It was so fun and as I type this the puppy is snuggled against my stomach regaining some of that energy she lost earlier. 

Regular posting will resume soon, I promise. 

Love always,

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