4 April 2015

Easter Weekend De-Stress Ritual

I have been working my butt off this week, i'm on Easter break from Uni so have taken on full time hours at my part time job. I need the money but the 2 days off a week that i'm getting aren't enough to keep up to date on Uni work and have that 'me time' we discussed a couple weeks ago. However, Easter weekend means bank holidays and bank holidays mean no work for me. So I thought i'd put together a list of all the 'de-stress' techniques i'm plan to try this bank holiday weekend.

Walking the puppy

This isn't out of the ordinary, I walk the puppy most days of the week but this weekend i'm going to try and find some new places to take her. The fresh air will be great and the new environment will be a perfect to unwind and stimulate new thoughts.

A Long Bath

TK Maxx are selling large bags of different types of bath salts so I might pick some up late today on my lunch break seeing as i've run out of all of my lush bath bombs.

Light some candles

I love candles but i've never lit them with my bath before, definitely on my list of things to do.

Chill Music

The other night, I had music playing as I tried to sleep (partly to drown out snoring from another room and partly because it slows the thoughts that keep you awake) and I think I might try create a new playlist to help me relax.

Hire the Boyfriend Masseuse

George is great and if I ask will normally give me a massage after a long day, I try not to take liberties and ask all the time because I know he'll say yes however i'm going to try make the most of it this weekend.

Friends on repeat, all weekend

The forecast for the bank holiday weekend is all rain I believe so the sound of snuggling up in bed watching old re-runs of 'Friends' sounds great.

Puppy cuddles/nap time

And whilst i'm watching hours upon hours of 'Friends' i'll see if the puppy fancies getting in on the deal too.

Start a new book

I bought 'Goldfinger' before going to Thailand in January and still haven't got around to reading it, so hopefully this weekend will be the one I do.

Go Swimming

I miss swimming. I'm taking my niece out Monday, Swimming will be on the agenda for sure.

Pick some flowers

Ideally i'd like to go to the beach with a bucket and just carelessly stroll along picking up shells but the beach is a little to far for me to drive. So as a happy medium, I want to go flower picking. I love having plants in the home because it brightens up the place and i've never picked them myself before!

Long late night drive

Potentially my favourite late night activity is to just drive with no destination. Day dreaming as the street lights fly past is so relaxing and it's something I haven't done in ages.

Wrap up warm, watch the stars

The last time I did this was in the Summer during the Perseids meteor shower. It's warming up a little here so if the rain stops i'd love to wrap up and head outside and just stargaze for a while.

Play The Sims

The Sims is just nostalgia central for me and if I could i'd probably play it for a living, I've been so swamped with Uni work that I don't think i've played it in a couple years. So, in between having Friends marathons and puppy cuddles, this game is making a comeback.

I think i've gone completely over board with the 'de-stress' plans but my oh my does this list sound perfect. I'm going to do my best to try and do everything, i'll keep you updated on how I get on.

What are you doing this weekend? Any family easter traditions?  Or like me are you just using it as the perfect excuse to put your feet up?

Love always,

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