21 March 2015

The Perfect Study Playlist

George loves listening to music whilst he works but I on the other hand do not. I just get too distracted. I get caught up in the music, singing and daydreaming than actually getting stuff done. Which is a problem because we spend so much time together. So much so that I often work with headphones on and nothing playing to try and drown out the noise.

However, we've finally come to happy medium in which we're both super happy and productive, our study time playlist. It's a mix of tracks that are the epitome of easy listening, calm and mellow but they don't put you to sleep. In a way they provoke thoughts about your work rather than the music itself which is two thumbs up from me.

George is happy because it's all tracks he picked out and favours over anything i'd pick (Taylor Swift all day every day) and I like it because it's relaxing and not overly exciting in the sense that it makes me want to get off my bum and dance. So, with exam season just a few weeks away, I thought i'd pick out my favourite tracks from the playlist, to give you inspiration to create your own!

1. Essential Mix (Radio 1) - Bonobo

2. Alibi - Thirty Seconds to Mars

3. Falling - Haim

4. Tides - The XX

5. The Bay - Metronomy

6. Closer - Kings of Leon

7. Obscene - Bloc Party

8. The Healing - Block Party

9. Babylon - David Gray

10. One Day Like This - Elbow

11. Spanish Sahara - Foals

12. Survive It - Ghostpoet

13. Night Air - Jamie Woon (Anything of the 'Mirror Writing' album, really!)

14. Spirits - Jamie Woon

15. Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake

16. Hey Now - London Grammar

17. Nightcall - London Grammar

18. A World Alone - Lorde

19. Hold On - SBTRKT (feat. Sampha)

20. This is what it feels like - Banks

I hope you get a gist of the musical direction George went with this, it's really helped us stay focused the couple of weeks. Let me know if you have anything we could add to the playlist or is you have any good tips for keeping focused!

Love always,

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  1. I can't study and listen to music at the same time. I guess that's just not for me :)
    But thanks for the song-recommendations


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