18 March 2015

The 'Me Time' Tag

I've been feeling a little sad the past week or so and making myself feel fine again is taking a bit of time. So today instead of the post I had planned I wanted to do the 'Me Time' tag because actually it's so important to have time to yourself, to rejuvenate. And i've been trying to fill my time with 'me-time' in order to try and feel more like myself again.

What do you watch/read during 'me time'?

I am a guilty of watching hours and hours of vlogs on YouTube. I love knowing what other people are doing in their lives whether it's just sitting in front of the TV drinking coffee or looking after a zoo of puppies. My favourite to watch at the moment are the SacconeJoly's, their kids are the cutest and they're so real.

When i'm feeling pretty down and in need of some intense 'me time' I tend to dig out my copy of Taylor Swift's 'Journey to Fearless' and watch the full three hours whilst snuggled up in bed with a mountain of comfort food.

What do you wear?

Clothes stolen from the boyfriend mostly. Mens clothes are more snuggly and warm than anything i've found in the ladies section, so for 'me time' i'm mostly lounging in a pair of George's jogging bottoms paired with one of his hoodies and a huge, thick pair of cozy socks. Currently though, i'm in a pair of hareem pants that I picked up in Thailand, they're black and white and have elephants all over and are the comfiest thing.

What are your 'me time' beauty products?

I'm so lazy when it comes to treating myself beauty wise, i'd much rather sit in bed stuff my face with crisps and chocolate. When i'm feeling sad, I do like to put a full face of make-up on, even when i'm not going anywhere because it makes me feel a little more human and like myself. If i'm feeling like really treating myself, a bath with a Lush bomb is right up my street.

Current favourite Nail Polish?

Again, painting my nails is not a 'me time' activity because I get bored too quickly. I guess my current favourite Nail polish is the one i'm wearing and the one of the ones I used in my DIY Mothers Day post on Saturday, it's Barry M in 'Watermelon'.

What do you eat/drink during 'me time'?

This is a much more realistic 'me time' question. I stuff my face, no joke. Today i've had an entire bag of buttered popcorn, half a packet of Black Jacks and a curry. Not the healthiest I know. Normally however, I'm a fiend for crisps of all shapes and sizes. My Grandad used to play this game where he'd tip a bunch of different flavoured crisps into a bowl and we'd take it in turns to pick and guess the flavour, like crisp roulette.

Current favourite candle?

I got this soy wax candle for my birthday which is by Imperial Candles in the scent 'Ocean Breeze' it's so beautiful and smells just like the best lemonade you've ever had.

Do you ever have outdoor 'me time'?

Yes, when i'm not feeling down in the dumps, my all time favourite 'me time' is to go shopping alone. I love picking up arm full's of clothes and having mini fashion shows in the changing rooms. I never tend to buy anything because I always like a second opinion but it's so fun to be a little care free and just try on some stuff that you wouldn't normally think twice about.

Would you ever go see a movie alone?

Yes, if there was a movie that I really wanted to see and no one wanted to see it with me, then totally. That's so unlikely though, George is open to seeing pretty much anything and if he doesn't want to see something in particular I have a bunch of friends who would totally want to.

Favourite online shop?

At the moment, ASOS because recently i've been able to find everything i've been searching for. That's a new favourite for me though because before I thought it was fairly overpriced. When i'm sad I spend a lot of time on travel websites looking at great deals for places i'd really like to go.

Anything else to add, what else do you do during 'me time'?

Puppy snuggles. Growing up I never had any pets but my boyfriends family got a new puppy in the last year. George always steals her when i'm poorly or sad because it's and instant pick me up. Puppy kisses and cuddles are the best kisses and cuddles, don't tell George though.

I haven't tagged anyone specifically because I think everyone should take a stab at this and pencil in some 'me time' in your very near future!

Love always,

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  1. I love the SacconeJuly's as well :)) The kids are amazing!

  2. Great article! And painting my nails is also not a "me time" thing. It's work. And I don't want to work during me time. lol

    XoXo - Cristen
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