7 March 2015

Perfect Nail Colours for Spring

The months after Christmas and before summer, in my eyes are the worst months of the year. Nothing much really happens and I end up in this funk, sluggishly unmotivated and bored. If you're the same you'll understand where i'm coming from, the weather is cold and rainy and there isn't much to look forward to. We paint our nails monochrome and wear giant coats with hoods you can hide in.

But Spring is around the corner and you can tell because you're less likely to get hypothermia by leaving your hats and scarves at home and Mr Sunshine is peeking through the clouds ever so slightly. So in order to try and lift our spirits, I thought it'd be fun to ditch the blacks and bring out the Spring Polishes.

I picked out a range of pastel colours which are great for this time of year. They're not super bright and fun making you wish it was Summer already but they're fun enough to cheer you up, even slightly.

  • Ciate in 'Hoopla'
  • Revlon Parfumerie 'Lavender Soap'
  • Rimmel London in 'Pillow Talk' from the Rita Ora Collection
  • Topshop Matte Nails in 'Fancy Pants'
  • Revlon Parfumerie in 'Apricot Nectar'
  • Ciate in 'Amazing Gracie'

Love always,

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  1. Yes Melissa! Spring is around the corner. And I - CAN'T - WAIT - ANY - LONGER!! Haha :)) I love your spring polishes. Especially "Fancy Pants"... looks sooo cool. But I like the "Ciate" ones as well.

  2. the first one has a lovely colour. you should have swatched each one on your nails haha xx



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