11 March 2015

MAC Dark Side and NARS Palais Royal

I struggle a lot with dark lips because they tend to bring out the colour in my under eye circles. Not what anyone wants. And considering a bold lip is so on trend at the moment i've been on the search for a shade that suits my honey skin. And i've finally done it! I managed to find a deep red, almost purple lip colour that doesn't make me look Wednesday Addams.

MAC Amplified Creme in 'Dark Side' was one of the items I mentioned in my New York haul a few weeks ago. I picked it out because in the bullet it was a beautiful purple toned burgundy colour but when swatched it was sheer enough but build able. Unlike most hughstreet brands i've tried which are just BAM colour. This meant that i'm able to apply slowly and work towards a shade I like and have 100% control over how dark it ended up. Which meant I could stop before I looked, well positively dead. The only problem I found was that it never set when applied straight to lips so smudged easy.

In order to increase the stay power of a lipstick, it's a well known fact that you should use a lip pencil prior to adding your lipstick. So I picked up the NARS Satin Lip pencil in 'Palais Royal' to try and combat my smudging problem. The shade is very similar to 'Dark Side' with slightly more of a red undertone. They work beautifully together and the stay power is definitely better.

You can see what they look like in my last two Instagram posts, here and here!

What do you think of the bold lip? With the seasons starting to change it's probabaly time to start looking for brighter lip shades but now I've found one that suits me i'm not sure I can let go just yet...

Love always,

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  1. I prefer lighter colors as well, but they are beautiful nonetheless. :)


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