28 March 2015

Cute Spring Outfit

I am one of those people who wears black all the time. When I go shopping i'll convince myself that i'm going to pick out all these pretty, colourful clothes that are going to make me look so fun, fancy and free. But then I return home with the epitome of I didn't want; navy tops and black bottoms.

But this time i'm making a change! As of this weekend, spring is officially here and it is time to rearrange my wardrobe, toss the thick knits and bring out the flowing tops and lighter bottoms. So I've put together an outfit to give you an idea of what i'm trying to channel in my wardrobe this spring and hopefully inspire you to do the same...

Aaliyah Woven Cotten Crop Top - Boohoo - £14

I love crop tops but i've never much been a fan of tassels.  However this top from Boohoo is pulling on my heart strings. It's simple so it will go with anything, including the monotone madness already habitant in my wardrobe, so if this whole 'introducing colour and pattern' idea doesn't work out it can still be a staple item in my wardrobe.

Lara High Rise Floral Print Tube Jeans - Boohoo - £25

These jeans are beautiful but they are so not me, in any way. They are colourful and floral and a huge risk where I am concerned, much like the white jeans trend. But I really want these to work. They're so fun and a really great price too, much cheaper that the £40 odd that I spend on my normal black Topshop jeans.

Leather Flats - Zara - £49.99

The colour of these are what sold me, the style is exactly what I wear already but just prettier and brighter because they're pink. I'm not much of a pink person but the pastel shade is just beautiful. I think they're available in black too but the pink is perfect for spring and goes great with the floral jeans (and the black ones I already have.)

Mosaic Pendant Necklace - &OtherStories - £19

There are an array of petite, fragile necklaces on the &OtherStories website in a array of pastel colours which would go beautifully with this outfit. However, I didn't want to throw myself to far into the deep end. I think the black and gold of this necklace will add an edge to the outfit. I'm also a sucker for a pendant necklace.

Mini Snake-Effect Holdall - Topshop - £36

The colour of this bag makes it pretty and perfect for spring but like the pendant necklace, the black detailing and snake print makes it look slightly edgy which is way more my thing. It's also available in black but I thought the solid black would be too bold and throw off the subtleness of all the other colours.

If you are like me and are use to a dark wardrobe and don't want to jump straight into something so floral and pretty, you could swap out the jeans for some black high wasted leggings. That way you're still adding colour into your wardrobe with the pastel accessories but it's not too bold.

I hope you love this look, i'm really looking forward to it turning up on my doorstep sometime next week. I'll keep you updated with how I get on. Let me know if you're doing something similar this Spring or any tips you have for me to introduce more colour to my wardrobe.

Love always,

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