28 March 2015

I am one of those people who wears black all the time. When I go shopping i'll convince myself that i'm going to pick out all these pretty, colourful clothes that are going to make me look so fun, fancy and free. But then I return home with the epitome of I didn't want; navy tops and black bottoms.

But this time i'm making a change! As of this weekend, spring is officially here and it is time to rearrange my wardrobe, toss the thick knits and bring out the flowing tops and lighter bottoms. So I've put together an outfit to give you an idea of what i'm trying to channel in my wardrobe this spring and hopefully inspire you to do the same...

Aaliyah Woven Cotten Crop Top - Boohoo - £14

I love crop tops but i've never much been a fan of tassels.  However this top from Boohoo is pulling on my heart strings. It's simple so it will go with anything, including the monotone madness already habitant in my wardrobe, so if this whole 'introducing colour and pattern' idea doesn't work out it can still be a staple item in my wardrobe.

Lara High Rise Floral Print Tube Jeans - Boohoo - £25

These jeans are beautiful but they are so not me, in any way. They are colourful and floral and a huge risk where I am concerned, much like the white jeans trend. But I really want these to work. They're so fun and a really great price too, much cheaper that the £40 odd that I spend on my normal black Topshop jeans.

Leather Flats - Zara - £49.99

The colour of these are what sold me, the style is exactly what I wear already but just prettier and brighter because they're pink. I'm not much of a pink person but the pastel shade is just beautiful. I think they're available in black too but the pink is perfect for spring and goes great with the floral jeans (and the black ones I already have.)

Mosaic Pendant Necklace - &OtherStories - £19

There are an array of petite, fragile necklaces on the &OtherStories website in a array of pastel colours which would go beautifully with this outfit. However, I didn't want to throw myself to far into the deep end. I think the black and gold of this necklace will add an edge to the outfit. I'm also a sucker for a pendant necklace.

Mini Snake-Effect Holdall - Topshop - £36

The colour of this bag makes it pretty and perfect for spring but like the pendant necklace, the black detailing and snake print makes it look slightly edgy which is way more my thing. It's also available in black but I thought the solid black would be too bold and throw off the subtleness of all the other colours.

If you are like me and are use to a dark wardrobe and don't want to jump straight into something so floral and pretty, you could swap out the jeans for some black high wasted leggings. That way you're still adding colour into your wardrobe with the pastel accessories but it's not too bold.

I hope you love this look, i'm really looking forward to it turning up on my doorstep sometime next week. I'll keep you updated with how I get on. Let me know if you're doing something similar this Spring or any tips you have for me to introduce more colour to my wardrobe.

Love always,

25 March 2015

Recently i've been feeling so smitten with the products that i've been using every-day, that I kind of wanted to share them with you. For the first time I feel so happy with the products i've invested in and how they transform me from tired and dull looking to fresh faced beauty! Ha, that's what i'd like to think anyway. But I didn't want to whack out a make-up routine (i'm not ready for that yet). So instead I thought i'd share with you what's in my make-up bag.

Liz Earle Moisturiser

I love Liz Earle products, they're all natural and make my skin feel so nice, I always use the moisturiser first before putting any make-up on at all. But during the day it's actually a great hand moisturiser.

The Body Shop, All-in-one BB Cream

I like to carry this around with me all the time for touching up my make-up throughout the day. I don't like the feeling of putting fresh foundation on top of old foundation but I do find I need a little touch up around 2pm. This tinted BB cream fills in the gaps and is a great alternative to heavy foundation on warmer days.

Benefit Gimme Brow

For on the go I love having Gimme Brow in my make-up bag, armed with a clean spooly the tinted brow gel is perfect for keeping your eyebrows looks fierce all day.

Kat Von D - Tattoo Liner

I am having very bipolar opinions about this liner, when I first got it I loved it, then I hated it for a while and now we're friends again. The nib is so pointy it's great for touching up your cat eyes as the day goes on however i'm struggling with morning application at the moment. I don't know whether it's me or the liner but Soap and Glory's Supercat Liner is also in my make-up bag.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Got to have a powder in your bag. I have very mild dry skin, so my face fortunately doesn't get that oily or shiny. However a powder is great for setting your make-up and making sure it's going to stay there for as long as possible.

MAC Mineralize Blush

This is a great all rounder blush. Whether you put it on in the morning or not, it's a great top-up blush. It goes on sheer so when put on top of another blush it enhances it's colour but when put on bare cheeks it builds up so nicely.

These are the products I carry around with me day to day in my handbag in order to touch up my face as life takes it's punches and shares it's flowers. I hope you liked it.

Love always,

21 March 2015

George loves listening to music whilst he works but I on the other hand do not. I just get too distracted. I get caught up in the music, singing and daydreaming than actually getting stuff done. Which is a problem because we spend so much time together. So much so that I often work with headphones on and nothing playing to try and drown out the noise.

However, we've finally come to happy medium in which we're both super happy and productive, our study time playlist. It's a mix of tracks that are the epitome of easy listening, calm and mellow but they don't put you to sleep. In a way they provoke thoughts about your work rather than the music itself which is two thumbs up from me.

George is happy because it's all tracks he picked out and favours over anything i'd pick (Taylor Swift all day every day) and I like it because it's relaxing and not overly exciting in the sense that it makes me want to get off my bum and dance. So, with exam season just a few weeks away, I thought i'd pick out my favourite tracks from the playlist, to give you inspiration to create your own!

1. Essential Mix (Radio 1) - Bonobo

2. Alibi - Thirty Seconds to Mars

3. Falling - Haim

4. Tides - The XX

5. The Bay - Metronomy

6. Closer - Kings of Leon

7. Obscene - Bloc Party

8. The Healing - Block Party

9. Babylon - David Gray

10. One Day Like This - Elbow

11. Spanish Sahara - Foals

12. Survive It - Ghostpoet

13. Night Air - Jamie Woon (Anything of the 'Mirror Writing' album, really!)

14. Spirits - Jamie Woon

15. Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake

16. Hey Now - London Grammar

17. Nightcall - London Grammar

18. A World Alone - Lorde

19. Hold On - SBTRKT (feat. Sampha)

20. This is what it feels like - Banks

I hope you get a gist of the musical direction George went with this, it's really helped us stay focused the couple of weeks. Let me know if you have anything we could add to the playlist or is you have any good tips for keeping focused!

Love always,

18 March 2015

I've been feeling a little sad the past week or so and making myself feel fine again is taking a bit of time. So today instead of the post I had planned I wanted to do the 'Me Time' tag because actually it's so important to have time to yourself, to rejuvenate. And i've been trying to fill my time with 'me-time' in order to try and feel more like myself again.

What do you watch/read during 'me time'?

I am a guilty of watching hours and hours of vlogs on YouTube. I love knowing what other people are doing in their lives whether it's just sitting in front of the TV drinking coffee or looking after a zoo of puppies. My favourite to watch at the moment are the SacconeJoly's, their kids are the cutest and they're so real.

When i'm feeling pretty down and in need of some intense 'me time' I tend to dig out my copy of Taylor Swift's 'Journey to Fearless' and watch the full three hours whilst snuggled up in bed with a mountain of comfort food.

What do you wear?

Clothes stolen from the boyfriend mostly. Mens clothes are more snuggly and warm than anything i've found in the ladies section, so for 'me time' i'm mostly lounging in a pair of George's jogging bottoms paired with one of his hoodies and a huge, thick pair of cozy socks. Currently though, i'm in a pair of hareem pants that I picked up in Thailand, they're black and white and have elephants all over and are the comfiest thing.

What are your 'me time' beauty products?

I'm so lazy when it comes to treating myself beauty wise, i'd much rather sit in bed stuff my face with crisps and chocolate. When i'm feeling sad, I do like to put a full face of make-up on, even when i'm not going anywhere because it makes me feel a little more human and like myself. If i'm feeling like really treating myself, a bath with a Lush bomb is right up my street.

Current favourite Nail Polish?

Again, painting my nails is not a 'me time' activity because I get bored too quickly. I guess my current favourite Nail polish is the one i'm wearing and the one of the ones I used in my DIY Mothers Day post on Saturday, it's Barry M in 'Watermelon'.

What do you eat/drink during 'me time'?

This is a much more realistic 'me time' question. I stuff my face, no joke. Today i've had an entire bag of buttered popcorn, half a packet of Black Jacks and a curry. Not the healthiest I know. Normally however, I'm a fiend for crisps of all shapes and sizes. My Grandad used to play this game where he'd tip a bunch of different flavoured crisps into a bowl and we'd take it in turns to pick and guess the flavour, like crisp roulette.

Current favourite candle?

I got this soy wax candle for my birthday which is by Imperial Candles in the scent 'Ocean Breeze' it's so beautiful and smells just like the best lemonade you've ever had.

Do you ever have outdoor 'me time'?

Yes, when i'm not feeling down in the dumps, my all time favourite 'me time' is to go shopping alone. I love picking up arm full's of clothes and having mini fashion shows in the changing rooms. I never tend to buy anything because I always like a second opinion but it's so fun to be a little care free and just try on some stuff that you wouldn't normally think twice about.

Would you ever go see a movie alone?

Yes, if there was a movie that I really wanted to see and no one wanted to see it with me, then totally. That's so unlikely though, George is open to seeing pretty much anything and if he doesn't want to see something in particular I have a bunch of friends who would totally want to.

Favourite online shop?

At the moment, ASOS because recently i've been able to find everything i've been searching for. That's a new favourite for me though because before I thought it was fairly overpriced. When i'm sad I spend a lot of time on travel websites looking at great deals for places i'd really like to go.

Anything else to add, what else do you do during 'me time'?

Puppy snuggles. Growing up I never had any pets but my boyfriends family got a new puppy in the last year. George always steals her when i'm poorly or sad because it's and instant pick me up. Puppy kisses and cuddles are the best kisses and cuddles, don't tell George though.

I haven't tagged anyone specifically because I think everyone should take a stab at this and pencil in some 'me time' in your very near future!

Love always,

14 March 2015

I don't know about you, but when I dream of things I want in my home I think of marbled coasters and watercolour paintings. I found this watercolour/marble effect DIY all over Pinterest a couple months ago and have been looking for an excuse to do it for myself since. It's Mothers Day tomorrow and if you're like me - a student in her overdraft - then chances are you've left your Mothers Day present to the last minute. These super cute DIY mugs are perfect as they take 30 minutes to do and cost me just £1 each for the mugs.

You will need:
  • Nail Varnish (Preferably not a quick dry one)
  • Old plastic container
  • Toothpicks
  • White Mugs (£1 - Ikea) 

1. Fill your container two thirds full with warm water. I don't think it really 100% matters of the temperature but that's what I used. 

2. Add droplets of nail varnish to the water, the amount depends on the surface you are trying to cover and how opaque you want the coverage. I used 3 - 4 drops and waited a couple seconds for the paint to spread. You can add as many colours as you like, use a tooth pick to mix them together if necessary.

3. You will notice a film start to form, this is the perfect time to dip your mug of choice into the mixture. You don't need to leave it for long, just dip and remove, this is the technique which worked best for me. 

4. Leave to dry, it takes only a couple minutes for the polish itself to dry but the excess water can take up to 45 minutes to evaporate and disappear. I advise leaving it to air dry or carefully pat dry with a un-textured cloth to avoid smudging.

5. You can use nail varnish remover to remove the paint from any area's where you don't want it. I removed any from inside the mug, it's a good idea to try and avoid putting paint where your lips or drink will come into contact with. 

6. Your mugs are good to go now however if you wanted you could draw on top of your masterpiece using permanent markers. A cute message to you're mum would be a cute momento.

This doesn't have to be strictly for mothers day, I picked up this tutorial from House of Hipsters who did this as a sick day pick me up. If you're feeling adventurous you could watercolour any plain white porcelain you have laying around; plant pots, soap holders... the possibilities are endless. I'd love to see your pictures of this when you're done, i'm pretty sure they'll be 10x better than my feeble attempts.

Love always,

11 March 2015

I struggle a lot with dark lips because they tend to bring out the colour in my under eye circles. Not what anyone wants. And considering a bold lip is so on trend at the moment i've been on the search for a shade that suits my honey skin. And i've finally done it! I managed to find a deep red, almost purple lip colour that doesn't make me look Wednesday Addams.

MAC Amplified Creme in 'Dark Side' was one of the items I mentioned in my New York haul a few weeks ago. I picked it out because in the bullet it was a beautiful purple toned burgundy colour but when swatched it was sheer enough but build able. Unlike most hughstreet brands i've tried which are just BAM colour. This meant that i'm able to apply slowly and work towards a shade I like and have 100% control over how dark it ended up. Which meant I could stop before I looked, well positively dead. The only problem I found was that it never set when applied straight to lips so smudged easy.

In order to increase the stay power of a lipstick, it's a well known fact that you should use a lip pencil prior to adding your lipstick. So I picked up the NARS Satin Lip pencil in 'Palais Royal' to try and combat my smudging problem. The shade is very similar to 'Dark Side' with slightly more of a red undertone. They work beautifully together and the stay power is definitely better.

You can see what they look like in my last two Instagram posts, here and here!

What do you think of the bold lip? With the seasons starting to change it's probabaly time to start looking for brighter lip shades but now I've found one that suits me i'm not sure I can let go just yet...

Love always,

7 March 2015

The months after Christmas and before summer, in my eyes are the worst months of the year. Nothing much really happens and I end up in this funk, sluggishly unmotivated and bored. If you're the same you'll understand where i'm coming from, the weather is cold and rainy and there isn't much to look forward to. We paint our nails monochrome and wear giant coats with hoods you can hide in.

But Spring is around the corner and you can tell because you're less likely to get hypothermia by leaving your hats and scarves at home and Mr Sunshine is peeking through the clouds ever so slightly. So in order to try and lift our spirits, I thought it'd be fun to ditch the blacks and bring out the Spring Polishes.

I picked out a range of pastel colours which are great for this time of year. They're not super bright and fun making you wish it was Summer already but they're fun enough to cheer you up, even slightly.

  • Ciate in 'Hoopla'
  • Revlon Parfumerie 'Lavender Soap'
  • Rimmel London in 'Pillow Talk' from the Rita Ora Collection
  • Topshop Matte Nails in 'Fancy Pants'
  • Revlon Parfumerie in 'Apricot Nectar'
  • Ciate in 'Amazing Gracie'

Love always,

4 March 2015

"Since love grown within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul." - Saint Augustine

I mentioned in my New York Beauty Haul last week about the Stila - Eyes are the Window Palette and how head over heels the Beauty Blogosphere has fallen in love with it. I picked up the palette in 'Soul' which is set of 12 nudes and after two weeks of wearing it non stop every day, I can say that it is worth the hype.

The colours are breath taking, it's a palette that has a good selection of matte and shimmery shades. I love that the shades are lead out in a grid format because it gives you an idea of which colours work best together. Perfect if you're a beginner looking for an everyday palette, although at £31 it's a little on the pricey side.

My favourite shade is 'Vitality' because i'm a sucker for a full on gold glitter shadow but 'Kitten', 'Affection' and 'Peace' are other favourites. The colour pay of is good but shades such as 'Light' and 'Individual' are fairly sheer and need more building up. I noticed that wearing a primer or cream base helps the longevity of the shades but isn't necessary they're stay power is pretty good anyway.

The packaging is beautiful, metallic and gold my favourite. It's as though everything about this palette was custom designed for me which makes it so special. If you're looking for a good nude palette and like a bit of shimmer, i'd definitely give this one a go. I think it's worth the £31, for sure.

Love always,