21 February 2015

Top 5 Best Live Artists

"Music is the strongest form of magic" - Marilyn Manson

Music is so important in our lives because it helps us to understand emotion, to cope with and express our feelings. When you connect with a particular musician or artist, more often than not you want to go see them in concert. For me it's one of my favourite things to do and i've been lucky enough to see such a diverse range of music live, from Taylor Swift to Greenday, Foals to Nina Nesbitt, Kesha to Arctic Monkeys. I could go on like that for a while. I enjoy seeing live music so much because you gain a greater connection with the band/artist and it's interesting to see how they interpret their music. So I thought i'd put together a short list of 5 musical talents that you should see live if you have the chance this year!


When MUSE tour you know you are going to get a damn good show. They are incredible live, true rock hero's. Their music is by far the most flawless form of creativity i've seen live and the atmosphere that goes along with it makes you screaming the words in unison to the person next to you. Their songs are made to fill stadiums and fill the stadiums is exactly what they do.

2. Katy Perry

I've seen Katy Perry twice and both times were completely different experiences. She sounds just like she does on her albums, which is a huge positive in an era where music is dominated by electronically edited vocals. Katy gives her audience a spectacle like no other, with costume changes in the dozens and opulent stage and choreography design. In short, Katy Perry gives you the whole package, music and million dollar production that you won't see anywhere else.

3. Metronomy

Metronomy in terms of popularity and scale of their shows are not comparable to MUSE or Katy Perry but their music and live sound most certainly is. It's retro synth put together with just so much love and affection. Each member has a different personality and it shows when their on stage, they're  just so much fun. I'm hopefully going to see them alongside MUSE in Portugal later on this year.

4. Hurts

Hurts are power ballads with intense lighting and instrumentals to match. They're a two piece set that might just possibly sweat cool. They perform these songs which have so much emotion and feeling you can't help but belt out the lyrics whilst fist bumping the smoggy air. They are the epitome of intense cool.

5. Ed Sheeran

The man is a musical masterpiece, no doubt about it. The fact that a single artist with no back up musicians or singers what so ever can perform to a sold our arena of 15,000 people for two hours is beyond me. Ed Sheeran has so much talent i'm surprised he knows what to do with himself, but he knows exactly what to do and does it seamlessly. His shows, unlike the previous four i've mentioned, are of the laid back sing-a-long type, with a friday night pub atmosphere to them. So contrasting to what you expect for a concert! I'm gutted I didn't jump at the chance to see him at one of his 3 up coming shows at Wembley Stadium.

If you're going to see any live music this year, let me know in the comments below. I'm seeing Taylor Swift in June, alongside Ellie Goulding and Haim and British Summertime Festival which i'm really looking forward too. Obviously, Taylor duh! I'd also love to know if there is anyone i've missed off of the list that you thing deserves a place...

Love always,

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