21 January 2015

Currently #4: Escape to Paradise: Am I Dreaming?

I'm in Thailand at the moment but it feels like a constant day dream. I've been here since Saturday, The jet lag has been beaten and my tan is developing nicely. However as I walk along the beach with sand almost as white as snow, I can't get out of my head what I've left behind.

The updates from friends back in England saying "It's snowing" or "Send the sun our way, it's -4 degrees" and here I am walking around in shorts and a crop top in humidity you could shower in. And although I finished off all University work that had deadlines coming up, I'm walking around inch at feels like a dream.

I guess it's because of the unconventional time to come on holiday. Winter at home is in full swing, we won't start to see the sun and blooms of sprint for another month and a half or so. I was back at Uni from Christmas break for only two weeks until I got on the 12hour flight over here.

Do any of you go on holiday, not in the Summer? I mean it is Summer here in Thailand because of the way the Earth is on it's axis but it's not Winter where I'm from so that kind of makes it uncanny. There are lots of people from Australia and New Zealand here at the moment, and it's there Summer too. Do I have any Australian readers? I'd love to know what about this time of year for you!

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