14 January 2015

Are freckles bad?

Last summer whilst at work, I experienced a customer go out of her way to try and give me her number in order to sell me some of this cream that supposedly would rid me off my freckles. I laughed her off several times before she gave up and left. Since then the sun began hiding behind the clouds and my freckles faded but I was left with those resounding voices screaming "are my freckles really that bad?" I hadn't noticed that other people noticed them or even had opinions on them.

In a couple of days i'll be getting on a plane and leaving the cold, bitter English weather for sunny, steamy Thailand. And my freckles being freckles will multiply on the bridge of my nose, just like they were back last summer.

I like my freckles, well I thought I did anyway but since that incident i've been a little unsure to say the least. But it got me thinking...

Everyone has had their fair share of insecurities; acne (even though everybody suffered it), inconsistent weight gain/loss (even though it's 100% natural), curly hair (even though I was born with it!) I used to go out of my way to cover up my freckles and straighten my hair but as i've gotten older you learn about the things that make you you and the things that aren't as important as you thought. Whilst freckles and curly hair don't define me, they certainly add to my character and that is something to be proud of.

No matter what anybody says, whether it be friends, family or a customer at work, this experience has taught me to love what i've got and not compare myself to what I don't have or desire to have.

Freckles are not bad. I wouldn’t change my freckles for the world. Well, I would maybe trade them in for world peace or a family of pet elephants but that’s hardly the point i’m trying to make.

I'd love to hear what insecurities you have had but grown to love...

Love always,

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  1. My mum has red hair & freckles and growing up I was SO envious! The things I would of done for her freckles!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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