21 January 2015

I'm in Thailand at the moment but it feels like a constant day dream. I've been here since Saturday, The jet lag has been beaten and my tan is developing nicely. However as I walk along the beach with sand almost as white as snow, I can't get out of my head what I've left behind.

The updates from friends back in England saying "It's snowing" or "Send the sun our way, it's -4 degrees" and here I am walking around in shorts and a crop top in humidity you could shower in. And although I finished off all University work that had deadlines coming up, I'm walking around inch at feels like a dream.

I guess it's because of the unconventional time to come on holiday. Winter at home is in full swing, we won't start to see the sun and blooms of sprint for another month and a half or so. I was back at Uni from Christmas break for only two weeks until I got on the 12hour flight over here.

Do any of you go on holiday, not in the Summer? I mean it is Summer here in Thailand because of the way the Earth is on it's axis but it's not Winter where I'm from so that kind of makes it uncanny. There are lots of people from Australia and New Zealand here at the moment, and it's there Summer too. Do I have any Australian readers? I'd love to know what about this time of year for you!

Love always,

17 January 2015

I am a cat eye fiend. It's not often that I choose to go out without the trusted flicks protruding from each eye. Since my 22nd Birthday, liquid eyeliner was my everyday, without fail cosmetic for the past 5+ years. If I was only able to put one piece of make-up on, it would be the liquid eyeliner cat eyes.

I've worked my way through liquid eyeliners, 'Supercat' from Soap & Glory being my topping my list of favourites because of it's ease of application. The perfect flick can be done in just two swipes, which makes getting ready for work in no time, a breeze. It's one of the best eyeliners for colour pay-off too, it's not quite as dark as I like it, I definitely give it two coats but it's better than most hughstreet brands i've tried.

However, when it comes to gel eyeliner, i'm a new convert. I've been using the MAC Fluidline which I picked up after my Birthday Make-up session (you can read about that here), and it's true love. The colour is amazing, it's statement bold! The stay power is incredible too, lasts a good few hours longer than liquid eyeliner any liquid eyeliner i've tried previously. However, your eyes are in need of a deep Bioderma bath in order to remove it properly. The only problem that puts me off using it, is it's not your everyday product. What I mean is, you can't just slap it on and hope for the best before you run to work with an apple on the go. You do need time to sit down and concentrate, which is a shame because I would use gel eyeliner everyday had I been able to apply faster.

Love always,

14 January 2015

Last summer whilst at work, I experienced a customer go out of her way to try and give me her number in order to sell me some of this cream that supposedly would rid me off my freckles. I laughed her off several times before she gave up and left. Since then the sun began hiding behind the clouds and my freckles faded but I was left with those resounding voices screaming "are my freckles really that bad?" I hadn't noticed that other people noticed them or even had opinions on them.

In a couple of days i'll be getting on a plane and leaving the cold, bitter English weather for sunny, steamy Thailand. And my freckles being freckles will multiply on the bridge of my nose, just like they were back last summer.

I like my freckles, well I thought I did anyway but since that incident i've been a little unsure to say the least. But it got me thinking...

Everyone has had their fair share of insecurities; acne (even though everybody suffered it), inconsistent weight gain/loss (even though it's 100% natural), curly hair (even though I was born with it!) I used to go out of my way to cover up my freckles and straighten my hair but as i've gotten older you learn about the things that make you you and the things that aren't as important as you thought. Whilst freckles and curly hair don't define me, they certainly add to my character and that is something to be proud of.

No matter what anybody says, whether it be friends, family or a customer at work, this experience has taught me to love what i've got and not compare myself to what I don't have or desire to have.

Freckles are not bad. I wouldn’t change my freckles for the world. Well, I would maybe trade them in for world peace or a family of pet elephants but that’s hardly the point i’m trying to make.

I'd love to hear what insecurities you have had but grown to love...

Love always,

10 January 2015

I turned 22 in November and for my birthday I was treated to a custom make over by a MAC specialist.

Now, I am by no means a make-up expert, not even close. An amateur really. My make-up is all very experimental and just seeing what I like and what I think works. So being given the opportunity to be taught and directed via professional opinion was all very exciting.

It's all carried out in a series of steps:
1. Determining skin types, in order to allocate best products for your
2. What you would like the end product to look like
3.  The make-over itself.

I have fairly average skin which can be a little on the dry side sometimes so we went with the 'Pro Longwear Foundation' in N20 as it's quite dewey to add a bit of life to my skin but then paired with the 'Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder' in Light Plus so as no to make me look oily.

My face is fairly angular so didn't need contouring as such however the 'Mineralize Skinfinish Bronzer' in Medium Tan was used to add a bit of colour then paired with the 'Mineralize Blush' in Warm Soul for some rosy cheeks, which I have since repurchased for myself.

I'd mentioned that I wanted to go with a subtle smokey eye and bold red lip for the for my party which was happening later that evening. The 'Painterly' eye base was used as it locks in colour and reduces creasing. Followed by 'Blanc Type' as an all over colour base, 'Wedge' in the crease and water line and 'Handwritten' to really put the smoke into the smokey eye. 'Texture' was used lastly to add a little warmth and sparkle.

My signature make-up look is a winged liner so that wasn't to be missed, the 'Fluidline Gel Liner' was used in Black Track. With a killer cat eye you need killer lashes too so we went with 'Haute & Naughty Mascara' as it has two formula's one to add length then a second to build volume.

Finally, i'd discussed that my party was Taylor Swift themed so we decided to go of a bold red lip which ended up being from MAC's beautiful matte range, called Ruby Woo. And let me tell you that colour is bold, summery and amazing. Here was the final look, the picture quality is crappy but...

With the makeover you get a £30 gift voucher to spend to so I purchased the lipstick (obviously) and the gel eyeliner and brush. I've never used gel eyeliner before and so far I am loving it but you can look forward to a full review later on.

I loved my experience so much and am praying that I get to have another one some day too, hoping for a Bobbi Brown or By Terry one next time. Haha. Have you ever let someone else do your make-up before? It's risky business especially before a big event, i'd love to hear your stories...

Love always,

7 January 2015

For me January is a pretty pointless months because nothing really happens, it's back to work and school after Christmas and new years and just sucks a bit. So I try to spend my time reflecting back on the year just passed. As much as it is important to live in the moment, it is just as important to look back at the things that have brought you to where you are today.

Last week, I discussed how important is is to reflect back on the lessons you've learnt in order to grow bigger and better. But I think it's also important to look back at the things that have made you, smile, laugh and cry.

3 January 2015

For me January is a pretty pointless months because nothing really happens, it's back to work and school after Christmas and new years and just sucks a bit. So I try to spend my time reflecting back on the year just passed. As much as it is important to live in the moment, it is just as important to look back at the things that have brought you to where you are today.

Reminding yourself of the mistakes you've made help you to learn and grow as a person. So i decided to share with you 3 instances from the past year where I have learnt from the mistakes I made...

1. Study Harder

This isn't a shocker. When it comes to procrastination, I am Queen. My University lecturers will be the first to back me up there. It's not laziness, I will be the first one up and ready to start my day. There is just always so many things i'd much rather do that the work that I have to do. I definitely learnt this the hard way. After failing part of my unit last year and having to re-submit over the summer, I made the active decision to make priorities and always put my uni work first. Better late than never, I guess.

2. You've got your whole life ahead of you...

I am a serial dreamer.

It's pretty much all I do, awake or not, i'm probably off in an imaginary world somewhere. I love to dream about where I want to be with my life in 10 years time, or what sort of house I want to live in, what countries i'd like to visit. And that isn't a bad thing. In fact, dreaming is a very creative and imaginative thing to do, however you can't live in your dreams.

I know people who have turned down amazing opportunities to save money for the further and whilst saving money is and incredibly clever thing to do, you've got your whole life to be sensible. Whilst your young and not tied down to anything it's important to take risks; visit countries you've never been to, try foods you've never heard of before, jump out of any aeroplane - harnessed of course! Because you might not have these opportunities later on in life when you are settled down with your perfect partner, house and kids.

3. Dependence vs. Independence

Whilst this one isn't strictly subject to 2014, I have to mention it. Over the past two years I have struggled with the idea of being alone. Which sounds so silly when you say it aloud because no one really enjoys being alone, not forever anyway. I'm a 22 year old girl who is in a committed relationship and surrounded by plenty of people who love me but sometimes I battle with immense loneliness. In the past it has effected my relationship but we both have grown from that.

The problem is, to be in a relationship, you need to spend time together but more importantly you need independence too.

There are so many other lessons i've learnt over the past year but I think these are the most important ones that have impacted my life the most. Looking back, what are the biggest lessons your learnt in 2014? Look forward to hearing from you...

All my love,

1 January 2015

I've been gone a little while and I have to apologise for that. Blogging was only meant to be something I did over the summer to keep me occupied but it ended up turning into a small love affair! I tried my very best to keep to a regular schedule when I started back at uni but the second month of semester came around and it got a little bit too much. I had to make priorities and I decided go on a break for a bit, which was heart breaking.

It'd been little over 7 weeks since then and I logged back on to see how everyone was all doing and somehow my views over my hiatus never disappeared. Which IS crazy. There was no new content for almost 2 months but people continued reading what I had to say.

So, i've spent the entire of my Christmas break (in-between inducing food coma's, present giving and spending time with family) brainstorming, taking photo's and and creating new stuff for you to indulge in. And seeing as it's the new year I thought it was the perfect time to share that with you!

Whilst my schedule will probably be a little more relaxed than it was before, I am going to try my very best to provide regular posts and keep it up this time. The break has proved to me that people on the internet care in what you have to say, even when you don't have anything to say.

I hope you have had a very, very merry christmas and an amazing new year. I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us.

All my love,