6 October 2014

How to stay focused

After having a four month break, being thrown back into education is not the easiest transition and i'd be lying if I said it made it with no bruises. Whether you are still in school or working for a living staying focused and doing what needs to be done can be so difficult when there are things you'd much rather be doing.

Clear mind, clear idea's
Chances are your next day off isn't going to be filled with long baths, surrounded by candles and eating chocolate. You probably have a million and one things to do, all of which you'll forget when you're ready to start your day because there's that many things to do! Being organised and knowing exactly how the day is going to pan out will help you to keep focused and know specifically what you want to do and when. Which leads me onto my next point nicely...

Be practical. Unless you are a goddess of life, you are never going to be able to blog, catch up on social media, read a bit of 'In Style', taxi all your nearest and dearests' around town and feed the kitties in one evening. Not to mention making sure you are well fed and bathed yourself! Making priorities, writing lists and setting aside specific time frames for certain tasks will help you make the most of your free time. If you are constantly thinking "oh I need to upload to Instagram" and "i've got to remember to put the dishwasher on" you'll mind will never be clear enough to get everything done!

Internet no-go! 
Realising that the internet is my worst enemy when it comes to procrastinating and not doing what I really should be, was horrible. I want to constantly be attached to the internet so I know what's going on and what my friends are currently up to. But you have to remember that chances are that 'oh-so-important' update your friend from High School put on Facebook last night probably wasn't relevant in the morning so what's the point in indulging yourself in expiring information. And if it is still important in the morning, then you've got the morning to find out about it!

Me time
You are never going to find the energy and determination to do those monotonous, mundane, everyday tasks if you haven't scheduled in some time to indulge in yourself. Theres a time for to be super productive, a social butterfly and queen of getting stuff done but there is also time to be completely selfless and do something for yourself. You should dedicate at least 30 minute a day to relax and do whatever the hell you want. Ideally a huge bubble bath surrounded by cinnamon scented candles would be great for me but even just half an hour to read a chapter of my book would suffice.

I'd love to hear what other tips you guys have to keep focused and get things done. Is there anything I missed out that you would consider a productiveness priority?

All my love,

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  1. Lovely post! I am just the same with having to have an exact to-do-list or otherwise I won't get anything done because I'd just be running around like crazy thinking that I have so many things to do but so little time!


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