13 October 2014

A little bit of selfishness goes a long way...

Last week I posted about how to stay focused and get things done (You can read that here if you haven't already) and one of my points that discussed making time for yourself. Prioritising a small bit of selfishness will help you to unwind, de-stress and make it easier for you to get through tasks which make you want to rip your hair out, or in my case behead my loving boyfriend. Like putting on a new duvet cover, for a small girl like myself, fitting a duvet that almost three times my size is a task that requires an awful lot of time from my day and a rather large bar of chocolate afterwards.

This week I thought it would be helpful to put together a bunch of tips on how to unwind and be a little selfless...

Light a hell'a lot of candles
There's something about a warm, spicy scented candles that make me want to snuggle up somewhere cosy and just fall asleep. But at the same time they also make me feel relaxed and provide a great atmosphere to get work done.

A good nights sleep
When you're tired, motivation levels seem to plummet to all time lows. Sleep is a necessity, the whole "you can sleep when you're dead" mantra is ridiculous. Can you imagine how snappy and unfriendly the entire population would be if they starved themselves of sleep? Madness. Schedule yourself a nice lie in, or power nap this afternoon.

Grab that onesie that make's you look like an overgrown baby
Whether you 15 or 50, chances are you have a onesie or some sort of oversized, ridiculously fluffy pyjama set which is the epitome of a cosy night in. Who cares what you look like, stick your hair in a top knot, bring your duvet down to the sofa and snuggle in front of the TV with a hot chocolate (or glass of wine, your choice.)

Treat yourself to dinner and movie
When I see someone sat at a restaurant by themselves, I don't think of them as sad and alone. I think "hell, they must be so content." Who says that going out for dinner means you have to go with a bunch of your best buds? And who says to go alone is such a sad thing? I find that getting away from the places where i'm most often on my own (at home) helps to clear my mind and pokes at new thoughts in my head.

I don't know about you but being selfless doesn't have to be restricted to evenings after a long day at work. One of my favourite ways to burn some energy on a day off and get me ready for what's in store next is to have a dance party for one. I turn the music up so loud so I can't even hear myself singing and dance like it's 1989. It makes me crazy happy with myself and like I could fight of any dragon.

Brush out those knots
Now, this might make you think i'm weird but I find it really relaxing to just sit and brush my hair. It's not something I do often or for long amounts of time because it can be damaging for your hair but the pressure and feel of it is like a mini home head massage.

The main thing really is to discover the things that make you happy and are important to you right now. Then use these things to inject a bit of 'me-time' into your life. Whether it's going to the gym for hour, treating yourself to a weekend getaway or having breakfast for dinner.

So i'm going to leave you with this question, what makes you happy?

All my love,

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  1. I'm quite a loner and I don't mind going to the movies or restaurant alone. I used to think that going to a show was a bit trickier thought but hell, we have to think about ourselves. If my other friends don't like so and so band and I want to see it, I'll go. Who cares what the others are going to think, they also are enjoying the show to care about the other people hehe!


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