20 September 2014

Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara with Argon Oil

If you read my Post 'Payday Beauty Treats' you’ll already know about my plans to purchase Rimmels’s new mascara release. Having had it for a couple weeks now I feel like I can properly review it for you.

The verdict:

I’m a huge fan of volumising mascara, something that gives you the effect of falsies without the hassle of falsies. However a good high street mascara which does exactly that tends to clump up and if it doesn’t turn your beautiful lashes into gross sparse spiders legs then it makes it look like tiny black eggs have been laid all across your lashes. I think we can all agree how disgusting that thought it and that it’s not a look you want to search for.

Rimmel London's Wonder'full Mascara on the other hand. It deserves a round of applause because it gives you the length and volume you're after. I found the solution silky, which allowed it to coat every lash without sticking them together. It also has Argon Oil (which you know how much I worship) infused into the product which nourishes your lashes and encourages them to grow. Rather than the drying result I get from most other mascara’s!

I’m actually really impressed with this mascara and for £9 is was well worth it!

Have you tried this mascara yet? Let me know what you think...

Love always,

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