17 September 2014

Maybelline - 'Anti Age Eye Eraser'

So this product has a name is a little misleading, whilst i'm not looking to rid myself of sight, my constant battle with under eye circles is one i've been struggling with for years. No matter how healthy I eat, how much water I drink or how much sleep I get effect the way my dreaded blue moons under my eyes look throughout the day. I have tried concealer after concealer to eye cream after eye cream and the fight has been a losing battle, up until now.

If you have read Essie Button's blog or watched her YouTube channel they you'll already know how highly she speaks of the the Maybelline 'Anti-Age Eye Eraser' Concealer. I had put off trying it for what I assume is years because i'd tried the foundation because and not thought much of it. However, I have finally bitten my tongue and a taken the plunge.

I have quite the uneven surface under my eyes and find that most concealers are too heavy for the thin, delicate surface of the under eye area. They tend to make me look as if i've applied my make-up with a spade. Not a good look. Whilst I have to be careful when pairing this concealer with certain powders, it's solution is thinner so doesn't look cakey but not so thin that it doesn't give the required amount of coverage. The handy sponge applicator is a god send too, it is small enough for the under eye area but not so small that it takes application too long. I am a little worried about how i'd go about cleaning it though, the sponge doesn't come off and i'm scared to run it under a tap just incase the water runs into the product. If anyone has any insight into this, help is very much welcomed.

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