3 September 2014

10 things i'd tell my teenage self...

My brother starts college tomorrow and i'm feeling happy sad about because it's been over 5 years since I started college. A lot happened during those two years; my parents split up, I had my first real relationship, I made lots of new friends but also lost a close friend. I even made a decision that changed my entire life. Thinking back, I reckon that it was one of my favourite experiences in education and i'm so excited and scared to see my brother make similar mistakes, grow and just have so much fun.

So, I thought it was apt to write a list of things that I would tellmy 16 year old self going for her first day of college if I had the chance...

1. Put the hair dye down. I know you want to look just like Demi Lovato in her 'Get Back' days but the dark hair will never work for you! Nor will it ever be straight enough.

2. College isn't a fashion show!

3. I'm glad you're saving for the future but what about right now? It's good to put money aside but don't miss out of great memories because you're worried about the future.

4. Wear your retainer.

5. You don't need to get drunk in public to have fun or make friends.

6. Have more sleepovers where you turn the living room into a giant bed and fall off the sofa in the search for rogue Maltesers.

7. Don't worry because you don't understand mySpace, it won't even outlive Bebo.

8. You're never going to be liked by everyone so cherish those who cherish you.

9. Change is good. Change is growth.

10. Be brave!

If you're reading this and starting High School, College or Uni in the next few weeks the I challenge you to take at least one of these 10 things on board. I think it will make a difference to your experience.

Love always,

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  1. I just started college last week! geat advice:)


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