20 September 2014

If you read my Post 'Payday Beauty Treats' you’ll already know about my plans to purchase Rimmels’s new mascara release. Having had it for a couple weeks now I feel like I can properly review it for you.

The verdict:

I’m a huge fan of volumising mascara, something that gives you the effect of falsies without the hassle of falsies. However a good high street mascara which does exactly that tends to clump up and if it doesn’t turn your beautiful lashes into gross sparse spiders legs then it makes it look like tiny black eggs have been laid all across your lashes. I think we can all agree how disgusting that thought it and that it’s not a look you want to search for.

Rimmel London's Wonder'full Mascara on the other hand. It deserves a round of applause because it gives you the length and volume you're after. I found the solution silky, which allowed it to coat every lash without sticking them together. It also has Argon Oil (which you know how much I worship) infused into the product which nourishes your lashes and encourages them to grow. Rather than the drying result I get from most other mascara’s!

I’m actually really impressed with this mascara and for £9 is was well worth it!

Have you tried this mascara yet? Let me know what you think...

Love always,

17 September 2014

So this product has a name is a little misleading, whilst i'm not looking to rid myself of sight, my constant battle with under eye circles is one i've been struggling with for years. No matter how healthy I eat, how much water I drink or how much sleep I get effect the way my dreaded blue moons under my eyes look throughout the day. I have tried concealer after concealer to eye cream after eye cream and the fight has been a losing battle, up until now.

If you have read Essie Button's blog or watched her YouTube channel they you'll already know how highly she speaks of the the Maybelline 'Anti-Age Eye Eraser' Concealer. I had put off trying it for what I assume is years because i'd tried the foundation because and not thought much of it. However, I have finally bitten my tongue and a taken the plunge.

I have quite the uneven surface under my eyes and find that most concealers are too heavy for the thin, delicate surface of the under eye area. They tend to make me look as if i've applied my make-up with a spade. Not a good look. Whilst I have to be careful when pairing this concealer with certain powders, it's solution is thinner so doesn't look cakey but not so thin that it doesn't give the required amount of coverage. The handy sponge applicator is a god send too, it is small enough for the under eye area but not so small that it takes application too long. I am a little worried about how i'd go about cleaning it though, the sponge doesn't come off and i'm scared to run it under a tap just incase the water runs into the product. If anyone has any insight into this, help is very much welcomed.

love always,

15 September 2014

I've been away for a while because i'd fallen victim to the dreaded bloggers block, the internet was also down but that's no excuse. However, i'm back and so is my mojo and i'm so glad I get to start back again today. My casual Monday posts are my favourite because I just get to talk to you, and I know it's lame because sometimes you might not care too much but for me it's exciting to share my little bubble.

I don't know what it is about September but everyone's birthday seem's to be within this month. I'm not complaining, birthdays are my favourite. I love buying gifts for other people, I love sharing the love and making people so important. If you read my blog back in May, you'll know how much of a fuss I made out of George's birthday! You can read that 'here' if you haven't already...

I mentioned in my last post (things I'd tell my teenage self) that my baby brother is starting college, which is a scary thought because I still think of him as the 2 year old with blonde curls who asks me to build his railroad for Thomas the Tank. But last week he turned 17! Meaning the 2 year old, dressed in footed onesies and paired with his Lala Teletubby is legally allowed to learn to drive. The fact that he is big enough to control a moving vehicle made me realise that he's not my baby brother anymore and he has so much more potential going for him than I ever did at that age. I mean, I turned 21 last November and didn't pass my drivers test until 2 months after that! I still feel like a new driver even though I have been legally allowed on the road (with a person over 21 and 3 years experience) for 4 years! So the thought that someone I still think of as so little and care so much about, on the road and in the big wide world is pretty scary. None-the-less, what did I buy him as a gift for his birthday? Driving lessons, way to throw myself into a world that I'm not ready to live in yet! I guess i've got to get to grips with him being almost a man now. Wow, that sounds dorky and weird but cool all at the same time.

love always,

3 September 2014

My brother starts college tomorrow and i'm feeling happy sad about because it's been over 5 years since I started college. A lot happened during those two years; my parents split up, I had my first real relationship, I made lots of new friends but also lost a close friend. I even made a decision that changed my entire life. Thinking back, I reckon that it was one of my favourite experiences in education and i'm so excited and scared to see my brother make similar mistakes, grow and just have so much fun.

So, I thought it was apt to write a list of things that I would tellmy 16 year old self going for her first day of college if I had the chance...

1. Put the hair dye down. I know you want to look just like Demi Lovato in her 'Get Back' days but the dark hair will never work for you! Nor will it ever be straight enough.

2. College isn't a fashion show!

3. I'm glad you're saving for the future but what about right now? It's good to put money aside but don't miss out of great memories because you're worried about the future.

4. Wear your retainer.

5. You don't need to get drunk in public to have fun or make friends.

6. Have more sleepovers where you turn the living room into a giant bed and fall off the sofa in the search for rogue Maltesers.

7. Don't worry because you don't understand mySpace, it won't even outlive Bebo.

8. You're never going to be liked by everyone so cherish those who cherish you.

9. Change is good. Change is growth.

10. Be brave!

If you're reading this and starting High School, College or Uni in the next few weeks the I challenge you to take at least one of these 10 things on board. I think it will make a difference to your experience.

Love always,