16 August 2014

When things are just said right!

If you read my past post 'Let's get Personal' then you'll know that number 5 of my 13 point list of fun facts about me was:

"5. I'm a big Taylor Swift fan and have seen her live 7 times."

Now you could have taken that in the "fan girl alert!!!" term of things or you may have taken it in the way I actually feel: its honesty. To me Taylor is a huge inspiration, correct I do love her music, I do follow her on Instagram and Twitter and I do have a picture of her on my wall in my bedroom but there are other things that I love about Taylor that the 'fan girling' term just does not cut.

Taylor has a way with words. Need I really say much more?

There is just something about the way she writes that has me 100% on board, understanding and feeling exactly what she felt when she wrote those words the first time. Her music yes, is the best example of this. But (with a little internet trolling) you'll start to find things that make you realise there's more to Taylor than the catchy pop beat of 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'.

I first heard of Taylor's music, I think in 2006, the summer before her second album 'Fearless' dropped (note point 10 of my last post). At that point I was in the midst of my High School drama's and related to Taylor's music in ways which I didn't really think was possible in a time where you honestly believe you're all on your own. Since then I have grown up alongside Taylor and her music and it feels as if she's always there telling me "we're in this together" like the best friend I never had. It's the way that she can take a scenario like breaking up with someone and turn it into a lyrical masterpiece that is far beyond my literate capabilities. Take Dear John or Back to December for example, Taylor has taken a emotion or event that most people go through in their lives, some more than once and turned it into something that actually makes you feel better about the whole situation. Does that make sense? I'm trying my best to say this in a way that will make sense to more than just myself when I read this back in couple months times.

Anyway, what I was trying to get at is that it doesn't stop there either. Taylor recently wrote an article for 'The Wall Street Journal' (You can read it here.) Which admitedly is the reason i'm sat here writing this now. The article titled 'The Future of Music is a Love Story' is all about the impact of the 21st century on the music industry. There are things that Taylor touches upon where I was just like "oh yeah, I hadn't even realised" or "Yep, you got that spot on" which makes me think more about how Taylor's way of writing is impeccable and way beyond her years. It's really quite hard to explain in a a way that will make sense out side of my jumbled head so I guess you should just go read the article for yourself (if you haven't already.) If you're not a Taylor Swift fan, then it's more important for you to read the article because I feel you'll learn so much about yourself as well as Taylor.

Sorry but not sorry for the ridiculously long post, but sometimes things just need to be said.

Love always,

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