19 August 2014

When Taylor Swift shakes it up!

So for those of you who are Taylor Swift fans or just anyone not living under a rock then you'll be aware that Taylor just turned her fandom upside down and shook it a round a little in the form of a worldwide live stream with multiple surprise that have been 2 years in the making. And my dear, did she title her new single correctly, Taylor really does like to shake it up.

Lets start from the beginning...

'Shake it Off' is brand new sings from Taylor's fifth album '1989' which will drop October 27th. Taylor explained that the music on the album is inspired by 80's pop and is her first official pop album. During the live stream Taylor played the video for her brand new single 'Shake it Off' which based around the idea of false rumours and how she deals with it. She is basically just telling the haters that they're missing out on all of the fun! Go Taylor 'cause the haters just gonna hate, hate, hate. This new single is completely unlike anything Taylor has ever done before, it sort of resembles 'Mean' in a big, more fun sister sort of way. It also has hints of Christina Aguilera, Cher Lloyd and Katy Perry in it which is quite the girl power pop super group if you ask me.

The first version of the album has 13 songs, 'Shake it Off' being number 6. However there is going to be a deluxe version (always my favourite) which will include 3 extra new songs PLUS 3 early development recordings of songs from the first version of the album. This is cool. There's something about knowing what happens before that really interests me. I have a bunch of unreleased Taylor demo's from when she was 13 on my computer (I know, naughty oops) and at times these can be my favourite because they're so raw and literally just Taylor, her guitar and a voice recorder. I'm looking extra forward to this little bit gold. I also kind of reminds me of Taylor's debut album where they included things like 'Taylor's first phone call with Tim McGraw', home movies and the GAC short cuts.

A new addition to Taylors albums this era is going to be a set of collectible photo prints. Seeing as the album cover is a polaroid and Taylor loves polaroid cameras at the moment, there will be 1 of 5 sets of 13 photographs to collect. Now I know this is a very clever way to get you to buy more CD's but I never just buy one version of Taylor's albums anyways so this is very exciting. It's like each CD will be gifting me a new present each time. Mind you, I dare not look at how much these 'collectable' photo prints are going to sell on eBay for! Mine - even if I get doubles which I will because i'm the mots unlucky person in the world - will not end up on eBay.

Last but by no means least, for people who haven't met Taylor yet, she is introducing a competition (of sorts) called the '1989 SwiftStakes' where 1,989 opportunities will be given away to meet Taylor in various scenario's. This could be in the form of at shows or at meet and greets, it's unsure how exactly things are going to take place, but as we've learnt from tonight and over the past 8 years Taylor is an incredibly creative person and loves her fans so the Sweep Stakes could be life changing. But as much as I would love to meet Taylor again, I won't be entering the Swift Stakes because I want others to have the chance (plus like I said, i'm super unlucky) however i'm wishing all of you whose biggest hopes and dreams are for a Taylor hug (trust me they're the best) the best of luck.

Love always,

P.S. 'Shake it Off' is available from iTunes right now for 79p. Or you can pre-order album for £11.99 and get the single as a free instant download. You can also view the music video on Vevo or YouTube as of this very second. 69 days till the album drops! Hmm, do you think she did that on purpose?

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  3. I knew as soon as I saw Taylor had released this song and her live stream that you were gonna blog about it! Love the post :)


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