4 August 2014

The Ultimate Taylor Swift Birthday Party

I am a massive Taylor Swift fan. Full stop, no more need be said.

I don't know whether I've declared that on my blog yet, but with some of the posts I have planned for you over the next few weeks you're sure to soon realise the sincerity of that sentence! I also don't know whether i've told you this either, I mean why would I? But i'm turning 22 in little under 4 months time and if you're incredibly on the ball (or read the title of this post) then you might be able to guess what i'm to say next...


Yes that just happened. But really, what better could a Swiftie as big as I do than throw an extravagant Taylor themed 22nd birthday party where '22' is on repeat all night! Nothing. Nothing. I'm pretty sure I would be committing at least 50 different Swiftie sins if I didn't go through with this. Which is why I am, I'm not keen on going to a hell where i'm forced to listen to anything but Taylor for eternity.

So over the next 4 months as a bi-weekly segment on my blog I thought I would update you on my plans and progress towards my 22nd shindig where we are going to be dressing up like hipsters and making fun of our ex's!

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter if you have any cool idea's on how you think I could incorporate Taylor into my party. I want my guests to leave daydreaming about cute cats and singing about things they are never, ever ever going to do again.

Love always,

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  1. This is literally the best 22nd birthday party idea ever! i will definitely be coming back cause I'm obsessed with T-Swift:)

  2. Now I know your plan! Haha! I think Pali, Sox and Boots should get to feature, talk about 'cute cats'!!!


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