9 August 2014

The haircare diet

When it comes to hair care I know my stuff, or like to think I do anyway. I have wanted to have long hair for years than I can even remember and whilst i'm still trying to get it to a length i'm happy with, I have built up a routine of things to help my hair along the way.

1. Water

Probably the most important thing, hair like the rest of your body needs to stay hydrated in order to grow and replace damaged cells. If you're not drinking enough water you will notice your hair become dry, brittle and as a result break more easy. It's something that is so simple to introduce into your hair diet if it isn't already and it will benefit more than just your hair too, so win win right?!

2. Balanced Diet

I am most probably the worst example of a balanced diet. When I am at home I get very distracted by the cupboards full of chocolate, crisps and fast food. But since I have started staying at my boyfriends more often, eating more regularly and healthier I have noticed a huge difference in the state of my hair. It's getting more of those essential vitamins that it needed to be healthy and grow. I think I read somewhere a while ago that raspberries and blue berries are good for your hair. Another option would be to start taking vitamin supplements, which provide you with the vitamins you need daily in order to have a healthier body altogether. Obviously these shouldn't be used as your diet, just a supplement towards it.

3. Regular trims

I know when you read that titled you will all start screaming inside, but having your hair trimmed every 6 weeks doesn't mean cutting off all of the length or shelling out for a new style all together. I have bought my own pair of hairdressing scissors which I use to cut 5-10mm or so off every six weeks. I then go to the hairdressers every 6 months to tidy up my style. Now I have just below my shoulder and is all one length so trimming it myself in front of a mirror is super easy. I wouldn't recommend it if you hairstyle is a little more adventurous than mine if you're not a professional because things could go very wrong.

4. Avoid brushing wet hair

When your hair is wet, it is much more fragile than when it is dry so  avoiding brushing your hair straight from the shower can be the key to luscious long locks. If you have straight or wave hair this should be a doddle for you because you could leave your hair to dry naturally before brushing it out tangle free. But for anyone with even slight curls or thinner locks, brushing is a necessity to avoid a untagleable birds nest once dry. If this is you I would suggest getting hold of a wide toothed comb or natural bristled brush that will detangle without pulling your to pieces.

7. Save up for a good hairbrush

Since spending a little extra on a brush with natural bristles I have noticed the world of difference in hair shedding. Before I was getting so much shedding because the brush was cheap, plastic and generally just pulled my hair out. Now I have invested in something that had a little bit more thought into it before it was sent to be mass manufactured and glides through my hair strands and detangling. Definitely one of my top points to helping out your hair.

5. Brush from the ends up

I know this sounds bonkers but i'm not telling you to start back combing daily. The idea is to take small sections of your hair, say about 4 inches from the end and brush. As the starts brush starts to glide more freely through the hair start from higher up the hair until you get the the roots. This way you are tackling the tangles and knots one by one instead of brushing them all in together.

6. Say no to heat, but not all of it...

Probably the most obvious tip. Heat in most cases is bad for hair as it damages the folicles so blow drying, straightening and curling your hair should be at an absolute minimum to enable healthy hair. However in some cases heat does more good than bad. For instance if you are looking to grow your hair a warm (not hot) shower is good because it stimulates the scalp, a cold shower on the other hand would stunt growth.

8. Have a good massage

Like I mentioned before stimulation to the scalp is good as it brings blood to the surface providing a better environment for healthy hair and hair growth. You can do this yourself by purchasing a head massager which can be as cheap as £1 in pound stores or even Tiger. Or you could rope your other half into to doing it for you, I prefer that option to be honest.

9. Oil is good

Washing your hair everyday is bad as it washes out the natural oils in the hair which aid in healthy hair. During this summer, challenge yourself to leave your hair unwashed for as long as possible. You'll notice after leaving it for longer than normal just once that it lasts longer before it gets greasy the next time. Washing your hair every other day is 10x better than washing it every day.

My favourite products to use on my hair post shower are all oils as well as they are the most natural and provide the best benefits to my hair care regime. If you saw my Argon Oil review here, then you'll already know about how much Argon Oil has helped my hair over the past year, but other alternatives are Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.

I know this has been quite a long post, I did try cutting it down a few times but I didn't want to take out information that would be really useful to you. So if you managed to read it all or just skimmed through to get the jist of things, I hope you liked it and it helped you gain a more fluid idea on how to get healthier hair.

Love always,

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  1. I mainly let my hair air dry, but I noticed that when I finish it with a little help from the blowdryer, it looks best. That way I'm not damaging my hair too much. I also wash them only twice a week, and I use a wide tooth comb or a wet brush to brush them after the shower. :)


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