11 August 2014

Teen Choice Awards - Best Dressed

Last night was the 2014 Teen Choice Awards due to the time difference, I spent my morning catching up on some of the nights blue carpet styles. I think if I had to choose one, the Teen Choice awards would be one of my favourites because of it's informality. The celebrities that attend have a chance to 'let their hair down' so to speak and be a bit more fun with their style themselves. I mean don't get me wrong, I love pretty ball gowns that make you look like a princess but the less conservative look is a welcome uniqueness in the award show world. So, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite looks of the evening...

It's summer and what is more fun that crop tops and co-ordinating bottoms? Not really anything to be honest. At the moment crops and co-ords are my favourite summer staple so it would wrong in every way not to bring up Nina Dobrev and Taylor Swift's beautiful ensembles. Nina's paint like patterned outfit is the sort of thing i'd be proud to wear to a party, it makes her look stylish but sassy al together. Whilst on the other end of the spectrum, Taylor's outfit is super classy but that flash of midriff skin offered through the crop brings it back down from that formal level it would otherwise be. And the yellow shoes, she knows what she's doing here!

On the other hand, a pretty dress has been and always will be my favourite thing to wear, ever. The way that a classic scater dress can make me feel girly and beautiful is something I really like and last night Bella Thorne and Katherine McNamara really shone for me. They took two dresses, completely different in every way but managed to make them look fun and feminine. Bold colours and big prints are at the forefront of fashion at the moment and both girls have styled them in a way that is perfect for the atmosphere of the Teen Choice Awards.

Did you watch the Teen Choice Awards last night? Was there anyone else who's style really stood out for you? Lea Michelle's outfit was pretty too.

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